The volunteer recruitment for the 7th CISM World Games has been halfway done. It was learnt from Division of Recruitment and Training of Volunteers Department of Executive Commission that as of April 11, up to 78,000 applicants have signed up as volunteers.

According to Manager of the Division, the composition of the applicants was diversified. Specifically, millions of college students in Wuhan became the main “vital force” of volunteers. The ongoing recruitment for the second batch of volunteers will last from February 28 to May 28.

According to a manager of Volunteers Department, after signup, the Executive Commission will select the fittest based on the recruitment requirements. After preliminary screening, the volunteers will receive general training, professional training, pre-service training and other trainings, and pass the examination before recruitment.

Reportedly, these volunteers will be active at 13 categories of positions, including reception, language service, transportation guidance and audience service, mainly at airports, railway stations, Athletes’ Village, media center, competition venues and referee station.

It plans to recruit about 35,000 volunteers in batches for the 7th CISM World Games. In the first recruitment last year, a total of 26,000 applicants signed up, and finally 9,500 passed the examination and became the first volunteers.