On April 14, the 2019 Wuhan Marathon participated in by tens of thousands runners kicked off in Wuhan, the host city of the 7th CISM World Games (CISM WG). The most eye-catching at the event, undoubtedly, was the leading group composed of CISM WG volunteers and the mascot Bingbing.

Early in the morning, Bingbing was waiting and warming up at the starting line. Around him was the “CISM Formation” of 50 volunteer representatives, volunteer ambassadors, CISM WG artisans and preparation staff.

Led by CISM Volunteer Ambassador Guan Dong, the Formation members were in red Bingbing T shirts and white caps. Bingbing was at the very front of the Formation.

Before the Marathon, Wuhan Executive Commission recruited 27 sports "talents" to lead the leading group, including the "Glasses Man" who encourages his friends to run with him, the "versatile" woman math teacher good at rock climbing, diving and surfing, and post-graduates from Wuhan Sports University.

Bingbing, not only a runner but also a cheerleader and volunteer, was seen everywhere in this Marathon. He was found cheering at the way down the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, and at the finish point waving the ribbon to welcome the runners.

According to Wuhan Executive Commission, many of its staff members went to the Marathon and cheered up the athletes along the course. Parts of the Marathon tracks, such as the East Lake Greenway, will be the venue of the upcoming Games.

2019 Wuhan Marathon was a chance to test the volunteer services for the Games. The CISM WG to be held in October will involve about 300,000 volunteers. Wuhan invested a strong security force, about 10,000 members, to ensure a successful event of more than 20,000 participants. Many of the volunteers at 2019 Wuhan Marathon will have the chance to serve the CISM WG.

Guan Dong, Ambassador of the 7th CISM World Games, is an assistant teacher in Naval University of Engineering. In rescuing the Oriental Star in the Yangtze River in 2015, he saved two civilians from the sunken ship by giving them his diving gears. He's an icon of Chinese military courage and was awarded Figure of the Year 2015 by Touching China.

The mascot Bingbing was designed with the inspiration from Chinese sturgeon, a creature known as "panda in water" and "living fossil" under State priority protection. Bingbing is widely appreciated for its bright, confident smile, opening arms and striding-forward posture that imply China's hospitality and openness to "Sharing Friendship and Promoting Peace " in the new era. 【By WU JIE】