Wuhan's Public Security Bureau is flying more helicopter patrols around to ensure a safe and trouble-free environment for thousands of foreign athletes as the 2019 Military World Games opens in less than 200 days.

"We do have drones, but helicopters are still irreplaceable," said Zhou Bin, Instructor of the Flight Brigade of Wuhan Public Security Bureau. This brigade is China's first domestic police aviation flight brigade, which has successively accomplished a number of emergent missions.

"Helicopters have incomparable advantages over drones, especially in deterrent abilities. The helicopters we use can reach a maximum speed of 280 km/h. It can quickly help the police to gain rapid access and control in the designated area in case of emergency." Zhou said.

Reporters with Xinhua got the permission to fly with the patrolmen to film the hosing city from a aerial view, only to find out that, this grand sports event had presented the city, home to tens of millions of people, with more vitality and modernization.

The stadiums and venues are vivid in color, while the water areas for the Games are amazing in landscape, conveying a dynamic rhythm and vigor of sports. 【By WU JIE】