Wuhan Executive Commission (Reporter Wan Ling, Correspondent Tian Yong and Jin Di). With the 7th CISM World Games (hereinafter referred to as the CISM WG) drawing near, Wuhan citizens will be able to buy souvenirs and products concerning the CISM WG near their houses. From now on, nearly 300 Lawson convenience stores would be licensed to sell the products.

The first batch of licensed products sold in Lawson convenience stores includes serial badges with Wuhan characteristics, military-style commemorative medals, mascot Bingbing plush toys, furnishing articles, and cups and electronic products featuring the emblem of the CISM WG.

At present, there are 9-category licensed products with nearly 200 items on the market. From last October, 9 licensed retail stores were opened successively in Wuhan, mainly distributed in densely populated areas, such as business districts, scenic spots and airport. Among them, toys and artefacts with mascot Bingbing as design element, military-style stationery as well as base metal products are mostly favored by customers. Moreover, Wuhan Executive Commission is also planning to open employee stores and online flagship store. 【By WU JIE】