The 7th CISM World Games has entered the countdown stage. The reporter of Changjiang Daily learned from the Poly Commercial Real Estate in Wuhan that the Athletes’ village of this CISM World Games will equip a commercial street covering business area of more than 5,200 square meters, Wuhan’s intangible cultural heritages and characteristic cultural creatives will become the bright spots, and thus athletes from all over the world will feel the charm of Wuhan's old brand and intangible cultural heritages in the commercial street.

It is said that the commercial street will mainly provide living facilities and recreational activities for athletes. According to the relevant person from Poly Commercial Real Estate in Wuhan and Provider of Athletes’ Village Commercial Street Service, the operation of Athletes’ Village Commercial Street is the first time in the history of military world games, the service object is totally different from the traditional business, and besides the service, it will also make Chinese culture impressive with unique Han elements.

According to reports, the merchants settled in Athletes’ Village Commercial Street are mainly divided into three categories: functional service, supporting entertainment, and exhibition, which provide necessary living facilities and entertainment places for athletes. In addition to the basic equipment, the Cultural China area will focus on displaying cultural creatives and intangible cultural heritages of Han elements. For example, in the exhibition of intangible cultural heritages, inheritors of drama and art represented by Chu Opera will interact with athletes to make them experience the cultural charm on the spot. In addition, Wuhan's old brand and new cultural creative "Create dreams with Chinese characters" will also be displayed concentratedly on the commercial street. At present, the commercial street has entered the decoration stage and its whole service period is about 15 days. 【By WU JIE】