Photo by Ren Yong

The Jiangtan Beach Volleyball Sports Centers in Qingshan and Hanyang, which were undertaken by China First Metallurgical Group, are fully completed on April 30 and ready for the 7th CISM World Games.

On the morning of April 30, a reporter from Changjiang Daily passed through the yellow-and-blue-colored asphalt pavement to the Sports Center located on No. 8, Jianshe Road. Nearby, dozens of wooden cabins were also ready and fully equipped. The octagonal Sports Center is moderate in terms of area. Looking from the main stand, one can have a good view of the center covered with sea sand, and the surrounding stands equipped with seats of different colors.

ZHENG Dayong, Technical Director of Qingshan District Beach Volleyball Center of China First Metallurgical Group said, “Qingshan Beach Volleyball Sports Center is a light steel structure, designed for easy dismantlement and recycling after the Games. The wooden cabins serve as temporary quarters for training and other support services. They were assembled on the spot, and could be dismantled or moved away by cranes after the Games.”

The sand for the Games comes from Wenchang of Hainan Province. ZHAO Dayong informed that the sea sand of Wenchang is in large reserves and is of good quality. It is carefully screened before being used in the venue. The milky white sand is round in shape and uniform in size, as well as soft, which can reduce injuries to the athletes. There are more than 7,000 cubic meters of sea sand in the two venues.

It is understood that the areas of Qingshan and Hanyang Beach Volleyball Sports Centers are 3.94 hectares and 5.19 hectares respectively. They each consist of a main competition center of about 2,160 square meters and four standard training sites, and can accommodate 1,116 spectators.

The Beach Volleyball Sports Centers are both designed and built in accordance with the standards of international first-class competition venues. All electrical and other equipment and appliances used are top brands and high-quality products. Television broadcasting, security and other hardware facilities are of the same quality as other sports venues.

Given its location within the river beach area, and considering the influence of the flood season of Yangtze River on construction work, construction of the two sports centers only started in last August and September, the last in all the venues to be constructed for CISM World Games. Presently, construction work on both venues are fully completed and all equipment is in place, ready for the subsequent work on linking the security system with the Public Security authorities, as well as for the test-run games in August. 【By WU JIE】