Wuhan Executive Commission (Reporter Wan Ling, correspondent Wu Qian). Excellent and characteristic performances in the opening and closing ceremonies are integral to a successful large-scale sports event. On May 10, the 161th day away from the opening ceremony of the 7th CISM World Games (hereinafter referred to as the CISM WG), the director team for the opening and closing ceremonies showed up in Wuhan. The creative minds and directors of the ceremonies are a host of experts with high military artistic appeal and rich experience in large-scale cultural and sports performance.

It is learnt that the chief director and creative consultant of the opening and closing ceremonies is Yang Xiaoyang who is the head of the Art Troupe of Liberation Army and national topmost scenarist and director. Zhang Heping, the minister of Department of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics and national topmost scriptwriter, serves as the general artistic consultant. Core members of the director team are mainly from the army; others are new force working in the front line of local art creation. Many of them participated in the creation of the opening and closing ceremonies for Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics.

According to the chief director Yang Xiaoyang, the core creative idea for the ceremonies is derived from Chinese civilization with five thousand years. With the theme of Sharing Friendship and Promoting Peace, the ceremonies aim at conveying Chinese nation’s pursuit of harmony, peace and civilization to the world through the poetic presentation of “peace flourishes the country” and “harmony is precious” which are the core values of the five-thousand-year Chinese civilization. The performances will present around the servicemen, army and military culture. The poetic presentation of military elements, characters and events, intertwined with Chinese civilization, will display China’s magnificent history, profound ancient military culture, and influence in and contribution to the world military forces, show traditional Chinese military philosophy of “Boldness lies in the suspension of hostilities”, and convey the Chinese people’s common aspiration for peace since ancient times.

As the host city, will Wuhan be a highlight in the opening and closing ceremonies? Associate director Yin Yi gave us a definite answer. She said the team made a lot of preparations to learn the development history of Wuhan in the hope of showing local cultural features and urban quality with the combination of military characteristics, in order to bring fresh and new audio-visual experience to the audience both on the spot and before the screen.

According to introduction, apart from the original content, stage style of the ceremonies will be creative as well. According to Yu Jianping, the technical director, the latest stage technology will be applied in the ceremonies, such as AI robots and laser projection with ultra-high brightness. The deep integration and innovation of culture and technology will bring audience inspirational experience.

The director team revealed at the press conference that one of the most creative parts in the ceremonies was that the finite space will be made full use of so as to expand the stage multi-dimensionally, and visually present three-dimensional and even multi-dimensional effect through high-technology and interaction with multimedia images, thus complete a 360-degree panoramic and three-dimensional space performance. “We believe that it will bring a breathtaking visual experience to all the audience.” Sha Xiaolan, the vision director, made the ceremonies anticipating. 【By WU JIE】