Wuhan Executive Commission (Reporter Wan Jianhui, correspondent Tian Yong). From May 8 to 9, delegations of 14 from Brazil, Netherlands and Oman visited Wuhan for the venues and services for the 7th CISM World Games (hereinafter referred to as the CISM WG). They showed satisfaction with venue construction and event organization after the on-the-spot visit and dialogues with correspondent departments of Wuhan Executive Commission.

This visit was allowed after the delegations made a formal application to the Wuhan Executive Committee.

On the morning of May 8, delegation members participated in the CISM WG Pre-visit Meet of Exchange with heads of relevant departments in Wuhan Executive Commission building. The heads introduced preparations for competition, lodging, board, security, media and medical care.

Delegation members visited the athletes’ village and several competition venues during their stay in Wuhan. There in the athletes’ village, they mainly learnt about overall layout and facilities of each venue, board, lodging and medical care. They were satisfied with the meticulous arrangement for living and communication conditions in athletes’ dormitory.

On the afternoon of May 9, the delegations visited Tianwaitian Golf Course and Wuhan Business University Equestrian Venue and Swimming Pool located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. Members thought highly of the venues and facilities they saw.

In Wuhan Business University Equestrian Venue, it happened to be a rehearsal for the coming test event. With all floodlights on and white tents serving as function rooms pitched, many horsemen were training and a host of students were holding flag-raising ceremony. Members took photos of equestrian training, and Brazilian delegation was concern about whether the horses being trained here would be used for horse racing in October.

Delegations also consulted and exchanged opinions on issues and coordination of settling and competition with relevant departments of Wuhan Executive Commission. 【By WU JIE】