Wuhan Executive Commission (Reporter WAN Jianhui, Correspondent TIAN Yong) On the morning of May 11, the Equestrian Venue for the 7th CISM World Games welcomed over 100 riders from all around China competing in 2019 China Equestrian Jumping Champions Cup, a test event of the 7th CISM World Games.

Blessed by pleasant weather, the horse riding sports park in Wuhan Business University (WBU), the Equestrian Venue for the 7th CISM World Games, was full of spectators. Everything was ready for the event. The first contest was 0.90-meter individual event started at 9:00 am. In just a few minutes, the horses mounted by young riders leaped over obstacles to spectators’ applause given to their astonishing performances.

In the two-day test event, the athletes competed for four gold medals respectively for 0.90-meter, 1.20-meter, 1.30-meter and 1.50-meter individuals.

LI Zhongwei, a 26-year-old rider from Anhui, attended 0.90-meter individual event at 9:00 am. LI was in trouble before his show. His steed was a bit frightened and reluctant to enter the ring until the staff member brought some horses to help it calm down. "It happens. It's only six. But it does well in jumping!" LI smiled and explained to the reporter. Indeed, his horse did well in the game, thanks to the carefully maintained venue. The sandlot was made smooth and appropriately soft to help horses give good performance. LI has ten years' experience in riding and has played in dozens matches both at home and international level. He highly commended the medical staff, security staff and volunteers for their warm, professional support and good organization. He also mentioned the top-class facilities such as the stable, the vet clinic and the game venue that left him with great satisfaction.

JIANG Wen, head of volunteers said that WBU started volunteer recruitment and training in the last year, and assigned 466 volunteers to the test event. The volunteers, particularly those serving the competitions, contributed a lot early since the rehearsal days ago. They were responsible for making up the venue in case of fallen bars or horse dung, as soon as possible without affecting ongoing games. They were also ready for immediate accident settlement such as fall-down and equipment malfunction.

At the news conference held on the day, Mr. XIA Yunjian, head of event organization, Equestrian Sports Committee, said that the test event was attended by 17 teams. Many of the riders were top-class athletes including HUANG Zuping who played in Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, Hadatie, a Grade-1 rider of Chinese Equestrian Association, and Yu Chenghao who ranked fourth place in 1.00-1.15-meter jumping at the 16th China Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival.

It is learnt that the test event was organized as per international and CISM World Games standards for game venue, facility, process, rules and supporting services.

According to Mr. XIA, the morning event was successfully concluded. WBU will make analysis on any found deficits and work out improvement plans as soon as possible to ensure sound services for the Equestrian competitions during the World Games in October. 【By WU JIE】