The 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) Executive Commission said on May 12 that the Volunteer Team for the 7th CWG, totaling 250,000 members, would be nicknamed "Smart Shuishan" and shout the slogan "Be Heroes behind the Glory."

Of the 250,000 volunteers, 50,000 will provide Games supports and 200,000 give social services in the city. On the same day in Wuhan University of Technology, the 7th CWG Executive Commission officially released the nickname and slogan and kicked off the second round of Volunteers’ General Training in colleges.

It is a common practice that volunteers serve a large event under uniform nickname and slogan. The 7th CWG Executive Commission made an announcement last year to solicit volunteer nickname and slogan for the 7th CWG to be held in Wuhan, and received warm responses from the public, especially from college students including foreign students. From Oct. 15 to Nov. 5, 2018, the Commission received 2,240 replies including 1,197 nicknames and 1,177 slogans contributed by 2,100 persons from 25 provinces.

After expert appraisal, public disclosure and approval formalities in line with specified rules and procedures, the Commission finalized the slogan "Be Heroes behind the Glory" and the nickname "Smart Shuishan."

According to the expert panel, the slogan is of good readability and strong appeal, and well delivers China's public expectation, support and desire for participating in the Games. As for the nickname, Shuishan (metasequoia) is a rare arbor tree only seen in China, known for straight, tall trunk and nice-looking crown that represent the masculine charm of military soldiers. Shuishan is the city tree of Wuhan. Its unbelievable vitality, irrespective of extreme cold or heat, symbolizes the diligence, team spirit, decency and vigor of the volunteers.

It is learnt that from May 12, over 30,000 Games-time volunteers from local colleges, companies, volunteer organizations as well as veterans and foreign students will attend 12 general training courses on military ABC, etiquette, Games-related oral English and psychology as well as specific trainings, pre-service trainings and rehearsals provided by sports committees and the Athletes’ Village.

It is also learnt that the Commission has engaged a professional company to perform the general training. The company, which has worked on volunteer training for the Beijing Summer Olympics, will provide services including compiling training materials, developing training courses and modules. Big Data technology will be applied to training process analysis and information gathering for further improvement.

In January 2019, the first batch of 12,000 volunteers completed the general training provided both online and offline, totaling 143,000 hours, and 9,450 of them were granted certificates after the final examination. (Reporters: WAN Ling, HU Pan, Correspondent: CAI Qing)

(Editor WU Jie)