On May 16, the 6th National Models of Disabled Persons & Disabled Assistants Commendation Meeting was held in Beijing. DONG Ming, DU Chengcheng, ZHANG Long and Huang Yinhua, all from Wuhan, were granted top awards and met with President XI Jinping.

“You’re great!” XI gave special commendation to Ms. DONG, a volunteer for the 7th CISM World Games.

DONG is a young teacher in Wuhan Vocational College of Software and Engineering, and the sponsor of DONG Ming Love Volunteers Team and DONG Ming Love Foundation. At the age of six, she became a diver in a professional team. DONG had a terrible accident at a diving contest when she was nine. High paraplegia changed her life. 

The governments and disabled persons’ federations at all levels gave her warm care and support. DONG saw hope. She finished primary and high school courses, and learned English and Japanese, on her own efforts. She has a college diploma and certificate of state-level psychological consultant. She can use computer keyboard with her forearms.

DONG was in sound condition in 2005 and devoted herself into charity causes. As a foreign language-speaking and optimistic volunteer, she served a number of significant events including Sichuan earthquake relief, Beijing Olympics, Beijing Paralympics, the 60th anniversary parade, World Expo 2010 Shanghai, the Asian Games in Guangzhou and the Universiade in Shenzhen. DONG finances impoverished rural children with her own money, and helps those in need through her DONG Ming Love Volunteers Team.  

At noon of May 16, Changjiang Daily reporter interviewed DONG Ming through telephone.

According to the meeting agenda, President XI will visit the award winners in the Great Hall of the People at 11:00, May 16.

“It was ten to eleven and everyone was excited. I heard my heart running wildly.” Dong recalled the moment in a trembling voice.

At 11:00 sharp, XI strode into the spontaneous applause of the delegates. DONG couldn’t help tearing. Her hands pained, but she couldn’t stop applauding.

DONG sat in the first row of the south side. XI shook hands with the delegates in the north side, then came to her, offered his hand and said hello. “I couldn’t believe it. I just grasped his hand with both of mine.” DONG introduced herself, “Mr. President, I’m a teacher from Wuhan Vocational College of Software and Engineering. I come on behalf of the college and all volunteers.” Hearing that, XI asked “Are you a volunteer?” “Yes. I served Beijing Olympics and Paralympics, and Shanghai Expo. Now I’m a volunteer for the 7th CISM World Games. All citizens and volunteers of Wuhan are ready for the Games.” Xi responded with a smile, “You’re great!”

The meeting concluded in thunderous applause. DONG and some delegates were reluctant to leave. They were recollecting the handshaking moments.

DONG Ming said it was China’s 70 years’ painstaking efforts and brilliant achievements that made her dare to dream and make dream true. “I’m not as physically healthy as I was, but I would say I didn’t fail my young age! Thanks my country for witnessing my young days, my fighting days and my accomplishments!” (Reporter CHEN Ling, Correspondent YANG Shiqi) 【By WU JIE】