On May 16, roars were heard in the football pitch of Wuhan City Polytechnic. It was the 128 students of the school in drill before the “CISM WG-welcoming Military Sports Boxing Grand Challenge”.

Changjiang Daily reporter heard from the organizer that, since the large national defense education campaign was co-launched by Hubei Region Military Coordination Team, Wuhan Garrison and the Publicity Department of CPC Wuhan Committee on April 17, related institutions, state-owned enterprises and colleges in Wuhan have set up their teams and are in intense drilling in line with set milestones.

According to the organizer, the Challenge is a city-wide celebration for the Games’ 100-day countdown. It is planned to present the city’s expectation and readiness for the incoming Games and to create a sound atmosphere in favor of national defense, military men and the Games.

LIU Qiuming, a teacher in charge of the drill in Wuhan City Polytechnic, said “The significance of the Challenge is it builds up public awareness of national defense, and well presents, motivates and fuels up the entire city’s support to the Games.”

It is learnt that the organizer will form a review panel for the first round from mid-May to June. Out of the 100 or more teams, 30 will qualify for the final. 【By WU JIE】