The official licensed product retail store (employee store), housed on the first floor of the Headquarters of Wuhan Executive Commission, opened on May 20. 10 categories and over 100 sorts of licensed products of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) were available for sale.

The Headquarters of the Wuhan Execution Commission at Hankou Tazi Lake Fitness Center is the brain for the arrangement of the 7th CWG. During the Games, it will act as a hub for Chinese and foreign guests. The store, as one of the platforms that “communicate CISM culture, tell Chinese stories and showcase Hubei charm”, meets certain people’s needs to buy CISM Military World Games souvenirs without going far.

It’s learnt that 10 categories and nearly 200 sorts of commodities of the 7th CWG were available and well received on the market. Since Oct. 2018, 9 licensed product retail stores had been opened, mainly in densely visited areas like business districts, scenic areas and airports. Toys and handiworks featuring Bingbing the mascot, military-themed stationeries, non-precious metal products and sportswear were particularly favored by the citizens. Before long China Olympic Sports Industry Co., Ltd. will be establishing an online flagship store of licensed products in cooperation with Wuhan Executive Commission.

On the opening day, the lounge on the first floor displayed dazzling licensed products, including garments, sports equipment, badges, stationeries, handiworks, trinkets, Bingbing toys in military uniform, etc. Among them the collective edition of Master Sun’s Art of War on silk and framed by fine silver scrolls was particularly eye-catching. It’s said that the whole book was contained in two scrolls, each measuring 3 meters long, produced by complicated processes. The silk scrolls were quite precious and exquisite. 

(Editor WU Jie)