On the afternoon of May 21, the four-day “2019 World Fly-In Expo” came to an end with the theme song “Flying Together” at Hannan General Airport in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. 700 top pilots and athletes from all over the world said goodbye to each other and promised to meet again in Wuhan in 2021.

“The World Air Sports Federation (FAI) is very proud to hold World Fly-In Expo in Wuhan.” John Grubbstrom, FAI honorary president, said that Wuhan is the best city to hold aviation sports. Going ahead, the FAI will bring more international events to China and support Wuhan in holding more aviation events. “Everyone can participate in aviation sports. The sky is our arena.”

During four days, a total of eight flight demonstration events, two sports events and eight interactive experience events were carried out. The aerobatic formation flight, the jet and chariots of fire racing, the motorcycle flying over the biplane, the plane hovering over the top of the truck with the geese flying with it... Thrilling performances sparkle the enthusiasm of the audience.

It is reported that the next “World Fly-In Expo” will be held in 2021. At present, Wuhan has been granted the right to host the 114th Plenary Session of the World Air Sports Federation in 2020. More than 100 member countries of FAI will gather in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone next October. 【By WU JIE】