On the morning of May 26, the “World Military Games·Bosom Friend Culture - 2019 Bosom Friend & International Culture Festival” was held in Wuhan. More than 1,000 friends from home and abroad gathered in Moshui Lake Park, Hanyang District to appreciate the culture of the River City, enhance friendship and thus become bosom friends.

On the day of the event, Wuhan citizens actively participated in marvelous CISM World Games support activities, challenge of “weaving” bosom-friend knots by tens of thousands of people, song and dance performances, flash culture shows, fun sports and Wuhan intangible cultural heritage shows, reflecting the cultural concept of “bosom friend”.

International friends from France, Britain, Ukraine, Korea, Brazil, Ecuador and other countries also visited Jiangxinyuan Community, Hanyang District to experience intangible cultural heritage such as Dragon Dance and Han Embroidery. “China’s bosom friend culture is very touching,” said Cocona from Brazil, “Friends are important, so are connections.” The more people know about Wuhan’s culture, the more they can feel its cultural deposits. Take Han Embroidery for example, this Chinese-style embroidery is beautiful and exquisite. She added, “I will definitely buy some of my favorite handicrafts and take them home.” 【By WU JIE】