“Wuhan is the host of the 7th CISM World Games, and the Economic and Technological Development Zone is the core area. 400,000 people in the Development Zone are extremely proud, and are taking actions to create a high-spirited, civilized and harmonious social environment for the Games to show the civilized and energetic image to the whole world.

On October 18, the remarkable 7th CISM World Games will be held in Wuhan. The Development Zone boasts the most complete sports events, the most venues and facilities and the highest attention. This Zone is home to the main venues of the Games, and will witness the opening and closing ceremonies and eight major events.

On May 24, the “CISM World Games Carnival” kicked off in Binhu Community, Zhuanyang Street. With fluttering flags, people expressed their enthusiasm for the Games through singing, dancing, reciting and vowing on the site.

The Street gives full play to the power of the five social groups, namely “community-social organization-social worker-social enterprise-university association” to vitalize social organizations throughout the Street guided by Party building and to form a situation where all people in the whole area take participation in the Games with the help of more than 100 associations and thousands of volunteers.

Next, the Street will also carry out various events, such as “CISM World Games Happy Gathering”, “CISM World Games Excellent Volunteer Project Roadshow” and “CISM World Games Volunteer Star” to increase residents’ engagement in and recognition of the Games.

“The city is full of volunteers, and everyone is the master. Welcome all guests to Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone,” said one resident. 【By WU JIE】