On May 27, it was learned that the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Wuhan Municipality recently published quality and safety inspection standards and methods for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG). Among them, there are 70 monitoring items for pork, beef, mutton and their products and 55 monitoring items for vegetables.

According to the implementation plan of approved quality and safety inspection in production area of agricultural products issued by the Bureau, the quality and safety supervision of agricultural products for the 7th CWG involves more than 10 categories, including pork, beef, mutton, poultry eggs, seafood, vegetables, edible fungi, fruit and rice. The inspection and monitoring items include routine monitoring and monitoring of food-source doping. For example, there are 19 routine monitoring items for pork products, mainly for antibiotics and prohibited additives, 51 items for food-source doping, mainly for clenbuterol, and 55 items for vegetables, mainly for organophosphorus and pesticide residues. In addition to pork, beef, mutton and poultry eggs, edible fungi and fruit will also be monitored for doping.

YU Dongsheng, Division Chief of the Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Supervision Division under Wuhan Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, introduced that the planting and breeding base bears the chief responsibility for the quality and safety of agricultural products for the 7th CWG. Thus, it is necessary to carry out self-inspection, employ qualified a third-party organization to conduct quantitative inspection, and cooperate with the inspection and testing agencies of competent departments to carry out irregular “unannounced inspection”. Only qualified agricultural products can be accepted. Agricultural products approved by the market will also be subject to the entrance inspection of the general food warehouse and the market supervision department of the 7th CWG.

In addition, Wuhan also implements the on-site supervision system in the production base. Planting and breeding bases and slaughtering enterprises providing food to the general food warehouse in the whole city will be supervised by supervisors and technology promotion personnel appointed by the agriculture and rural affairs bureaus of districts and sub-districts (towns).

(Editor WU Jie)