Wuhan plans to build about 10,000 5G base stations (macro stations and micro stations) by the end of 2019, initially forming a 5G network covering key areas of the city. 5G will provide the most advanced information services for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) to be held in October this year. Yesterday, the reporter learned that the construction of 5G base stations in all venues will be completed by the end of July. Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, through which most foreign guests will arrive and depart, will be built into a 5G demonstration & comprehensive experience area before the opening of the 7th CWG.

Making use of the latest science and technology to build “Smart CISM Military World Games” is one of the visions of the 7th CWG at the beginning of its preparation. At present, 5G construction across the country is in full swing, and the 7th CWG is pleased to embrace it.

The 5G network construction of key venues has been basically completed

Preliminary statistics show that as of early June, 5G network construction of key venues such as Wuhan Sports Center for the opening and closing ceremonies, Athletes’ Village and Comprehensive Operation & Management Center has been basically completed, the Indoor Distribution System of 5G communication in all venues has been basically deployed, and the construction of outdoor macro stations which is expected to be completed by the end of July 2019 has been fully started.

Live videos of all venues to be spread through 5G during the event period

According to introduction, 5G applications that are now technically mature include high-speed network transmission, 4K high-definition broadcast, 360-degree panoramic live broadcast, VR immersive experience, AR translation and guidance.

Wuhan Executive Commission has cooperated with the Hubei Provincial Communications Administration to coordinate various communication operators, equipment manufacturers and service providers to carry out innovative demonstrations suitable for the CISM Military World Games and to realize the application of 5G technology in internationally large sports events.

It is learned that coordinated by the Hubei Provincial Communications Administration and Wuhan Executive Commission, the Hubei Airport Group and major communication operators are building 5G demonstration & comprehensive experience areas in the window area of Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to help passengers experience self-service, intelligent production scheduling and automatic logistics management, to build a “smart airport” in an all-round way and to provide better services.

To form a 5G network covering key areas of the city step by step

Relevant officials of the Information Technology Department of the Wuhan Executive Commission said that as early as the end of 2017, the Information Construction Outline for the 7th CWG clearly put forward that 5G networks should be built in key areas such as venues, airport, stations, key security routes, and hotels to realize the coverage of 5G network and related innovative applications.   (Correspondent: WAN Jianhui)

(Editor WU Jie)