Wuhan Executive Commission (Reporter WAN Ling, correspondents RUAN Hang, JIANG Peng) On June 12, the Parachuting Test Event of the 7th CISM World Games (hereinafter referred to as CISM WG) was held at Hannan General Aviation Airport. Service volunteers “Smart Shuishan” went to work after collectively taking an oath in front of a specific name wall.

It’s learnt that this volunteer name wall is set up by the Parachuting Event Committee by reference to practice of large international sports competitions, to express gratitude and give incentive to volunteers. Itbears the names of more than 300 CISM volunteers from Hubei Land Resources Vocational College, as well as such slogans as “Bring Glory to China and to CISM WG”, “We Are ‘Smart Shuishan’ of CISM WG”, “Be Heroes behind the Glory”.

In addition, the volunteers’ home at this venue has a cartoon-style brief introduction to CISM WG events, and shows voluntary services by “Chedu Youth Love Volunteer Alliance ” in recent years. Besides, it also provides heatstroke prevention supplies, and shares weather conditions everyday.

TONG Dawei, SHEN Songbai and ZOU Zhehao, who are students majoring in Engineering Surveying of the College, are all veterans from Armed Police Forces, and ever provided voluntary services for World Fly-In Expo together. In this Test Event, 10 volunteer representatives, including them, served as volunteer supervisors. TONG Dawei said that in the morning, volunteers take an oath in front of the name wall to keep in mind their aspiration and mission for voluntary services; during break of services, they review general knowledge of CISM WG and Code of Conduct for CISM World Games Host; and at the end of the service, they summarize the work of the day. “As a veteran, I’m proud to provide voluntary services for military athletes.”

According to WANG Jingjin of the Parachuting Event Committee, from June 4 to June 6, the CCYL Committee of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District) and business offices of Parachuting Event Committee organized training on voluntary service for the Test Event for 318 CISM WG volunteers, including general training, professional training, pre-service training and rehearsals. Besides, they invited expert lecturers experienced in large competitions to give professional explanations and training on competition characteristics, competition services, etiquette norms, communication skills, foreign language services, medical care and first aid, in order to get ready for voluntary services for CISM WG. 【By WU JIE】