On June 12, the Boxing Test Event of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) and 2019 National Boxing Championship (the 3rd section) kicked off at Wuhan Sports University Gymnasium. This Test Event gathered a total of 333 coaches and athletes of 40 teams nationwide, and was sponsored by Chinese Boxing Federation and organized by Boxing Event Committee of the 7th CWG and Wuhan Sports University.

In this 6-day Test Event, athletes of 40 teams will compete for places in 15 weight divisions, namely 49kg, 52kg, 57kg, 60kg, 63kg, 69kg, 75kg, 81kg, 91kg and +91kg for men, and 51kg, 57kg, 60kg, 69kg and 75kg for women. On the basis of the latest technical and competition rules for boxing event approved by Chinese Boxing Federation, this Event features 3 rounds, with 3 minutes for each round and a 1-minute break between rounds. The top 5 of each division will be rewarded.

To extend the influence of the Boxing Test Event, the Boxing Event Committee invited BRIG GEN Yousuf Kazim, PCSC of Boxing, to watch and guide the Event. In October 2018, BRIG GEN Yousuf Kazim attended the Signing Ceremony of Conventions of Collaboration on CISM Boxing Committee Inspections at Wuhan Sports University, fully communicated with the university about the competition preparation and reached a consensus.

It’s learnt that Wuhan Sports University paid high attention to the preparatory work for the Boxing Test Event of the 7th CWG in an all-round way. Specifically, it has established the Boxing Event Committee led by university leaders and supported by 110 backbone workers from 1 office and 13 departments as well as more than 400 student volunteers, in order to offer sufficient guarantee for this Event. Before the Boxing Test Event, the Boxing Event Committee held three total-factor, full-flow, whole-process and whole-staff joint rehearsals at the gymnasium, so as to unclog the information channel and define the flow line setting.

During the Boxing Test Event from June 12 to 17, the Boxing Event Committee will inspect venue facilities and event operation in an all-round way. Besides, it will also coordinate with other departments of the Executive Commission, assess the overall operation effect of the event, accumulate experience, train teams, and build a high-quality service system and a scientific management system, in a bid to ensure the success of the Boxing Contest of the 7th CWG this October.

(Editor WU Jie)