Recently, Hongshan Gymnasium, the venue for the men's basketball games at the 7th CISM Military World Games, has been officially put into service. On June 17, reporters from the central, provincial and municipal mainstream media and 30 interested netizens who closely follow the men's basketball games paid a field visit to this renovated venue with 33 years of history.

Hongshan Gymnasium was officially opened to the public on January 1, 1986. Since then, it has been the main venue for major sports events and cultural performances in Hubei province. In order to make this "old" venue to serve as the court for the men's basketball games at the 7th CISM Military World Games, the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau began to maintain its main building and construct a new training hall from March 2018, with the reconstruction area of 14,800 square meters and the newly constructed area of ​​11,200 square meters.

Thirty netizens visited the venues outside Hongshan Gymnasium, the basketball court of the main venue, the press conference hall, the team lounge, the doping monitoring center, the spectators stand and the newly constructed training hall.

“After maintenance and reconstruction, the Hongshan Gymnasium has been improved in six aspects: achieving higher standard, covering larger area, containing upgraded equipment, having better shape, more functions, and wider development space.” FENG Jinrong, Deputy Director of Men's Basketball Competition Committee and Director of the Hongshan Sports Center, said: "At present, the Hongshan Gymnasium has reached the standards for a national first-class venue, and ​​the new training hall has nearly doubled the original area, with the intelligent, security and fire extinguishing systems comprehensively upgraded. In the future, the venue can be used for basketball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis and other competitions as well as for training. It can also serve as the lounge for volunteers, masses, and actors in big activities. Outdoor recreation areas, walkways, and rooftop fitness areas can be used for the public as well.

Netizen TinaLee lives at Minzhu Road next to Hongshan Gymnasium. She said, “I pass by it every day, and see it get beautiful day by day. Now, its appearance is very modern, I think it’ll be a must-go leisure place in the future.” It is learned that the main building of Hongshan Gymnasium has been completely renovated into modern style while preserving the historical appearance. It is particularly noteworthy that the outdoor floodlighting system adopts a professional laser projector system in an innovative way, and displays cultural promotion content on the outer wall of the east side of the main building. It was the first public gymnasium in Wuhan that used the laser projection system to display the 7th CISM Military World Games, national fitness, Hubei sports, Wuhan culture and many other contents.

In the interaction section, the Men's Basketball Competition Committee of the 7th World Military Games specially arranged games such as fixed-point shooting and badminton games for netizens and media reporters. "Shooter King" netizen XXX is very excited, "I feel like I’m participating in an international competition."

Moreover, the reporter learned that from the June 22 to 26, the Men's Basketball test event of the 7th CISM World Military Games and 2019 Wuhan International Basketball Invitational Tournament will be held here. A total of eight teams will attend this event, including the Lithuania’s Palanga Coors Club team, the Qatar’s National Team, the USA All Star, and four CUBA men's basketball teams from colleges in Hubei Province. They will be divided into Group A and B for single round match. In order to ensure the communication transmission during the match and the official games of the 7th CISM World Military Games, Men's Basketball Competition Committee specially organized three major operators to hold a special meeting with the venue construction department to study the deployment of the 5G network in the venue. At present, 5G equipment has been in place in the hall. It is reported that the 5G communication network has the characteristics of large bandwidth, low delay and large capacity, which will provide Gigabit access rate, millisecond network delay, and one million connection capacity per square kilometer. The vision of "information at the tip of finger" can be realized for the audience who cannot be on the spot. Thanks to the support of 5G technology, audience can watch the game in high definition and enjoy the convenience brought by high-speed network at home. At the same time, the venue has been fully covered with WIFI access, enabling people to surf the Internet anytime and anywhere.

It is learned that some tickets for the men's basketball test event will be sold to the public. Citizens can watch the game to cheer for your favorite sports team by buying ticket online or on-site. 【By WU JIE】