On the afternoon of June 12, the Boxing Test Event of the 7th CISM Military World Games opened at newly renovated Wuhan Sports University Gymnasium.

In the solemn national anthem, armed policemen seriously raised the Five-Starred Red Flag; audiences were well ordered, and working staff were ready in their positions; nearly 100 university students performed wonderful shadowboxing, martial arts and group dances at the opening ceremony. Both inside and outside the gymnasium, volunteers provided warm and thoughtful services. All signs and passages were well marked, audiences went in and out in a good order, and security staff was diligent in their work...

This was the 12th test event organized by Wuhan Executive Commission since this April.

The categories of the 12 test events included open, national tournament, championship, domestic invitational tournament and tour tournament.

Except the Marathon Test Event, there were more than 2,000 athletes and coaches, and 622 referees, including up to 240 international and national-level referees.

Praises from Missions at the First “Practice Test”

To achieve the objective of “organizing top-class competitions”, Wuhan Executive Commission decided to hold 38 test events involving all of 27 sports before this October. The 12 test events in the first round mainly focused on trial operation of relevant venues, competition organization, security, information transmission, voluntary service, news publicity and comprehensive support.

On June 13, Wuhan Executive Commission held a summary meeting, at which leaders of Wuhan Executive Commission said: “The first round of test events presented outstanding performance, and achieved the objective of test. We are more confident to achieve the objective of ‘organizing top-class competitions!”

On April 10, the Wrestling Test Event started with passionate cheerleading and fantastic robot dragon and lion dances at Wuhan Vocational College of Software and Engineering Gymnasium.

The scale of missions and athletes participating in this competition was equal to that of the 7th CISM Military World Games. On the first day, the competition attracted a large number of audiences and media. During the competition, all facilities, including sound, lighting, electric or network systems, in the venue worked well.

As the competition went on wheels, the schedule was completed successfully. Previously, the Wrestling Competition Committee held several sessions of trainings, and specially invited experts from Chinese Wrestling Association to help modify and improve the competition process, including daily operation streamline and operation diagrams.

Inside and outside the Wrestling Gymnasium, volunteers became beautiful scenery. The 345 volunteers fulfilled their duties in such positions as guide, security check and gymnasium service. The university assigned one teacher volunteer and one student volunteer to each mission for one-to-one service.

Volunteers were praised for their services. HONG Changxuan, leader of Zhejiang Mission, left a message on WeChat Moments: "This is the best competition environment and the most enthusiastic and high-quality service since we participated in all previous U17 national wrestling competitions."

In early May and early June, Equestrian and Modern Pentathlon Test Events were successively held at Wuhan Business University. At the newly built equestrian venue of the university, smooth and orderly competition organization and operation, enthusiastic and thoughtful voluntary medical service, and meticulous security left a deep impression to athletes and citizens presented there. Many people posted photos at WeChat Moments, and harvested dozens of likes.

Sailing Test Event Caught the “Window Period”

Weather is crucial for such test events as sailing and parachuting. The key is to find a suitable “window period”.

The Sailing Test Event opened in East Lake on April 27 was a clear demonstration of the Competition Committee’s efficient and orderly organization.

Previously, the Competition Committee communicated with the Meteorological Department and analyzed the meteorological and hydro-logical data of East Lake in the past 20 years. They determined that the Test Event is to be held in late April when the weather will be the similar to the meteorological conditions during the race in October.

Half an hour before the test, the Competition Committee issued a weather forecast every ten minutes, including such information as temperature, weather, wind direction, rainfall, etc.; during the game, it provided real-time weather information every hour.

As a result, in the seven-day competition, the sailboat departed the port and sailed smoothly, and the players gave full play to their strength.

The route along the East Lake where the Sailing Test Event took place is vital for transportation. As the competition coincided with the May Day, many citizens went to the East Lake to witness the competition. The Public Security Department put in 500 policemen every day to ensure the safety of the surrounding areas in all aspects. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) has selected more than 100 backbone volunteers to participate in volunteer service.

This Test Event was also the first regatta in Hubei’s history. Coincided with May Day, the event attracted a large number of audiences. This Test Event was widely reported by CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, China Sports Daily, as well as media from Wuhan and other places, and received extensive attention nationwide. Online reports obtained more than one million clicks.

Through the Test Event, security process of all sports was checked, including more than 30 items like security command, position setting, traffic organization, communication guarantee, and security facilities.

“Not a single security issue happened in these 12 test events”, the person in charge of the Security Department of Wuhan Executive Commission said that there was no safety incident and no error in the number of bullets during the Shooting Test held in the Caidian National Defense Park. From the perspective of security, all 12 test events reached the level of the official race.

The reporter interviewed each test event and saw the traffic police managing vehicles to be trafficked and parked in an orderly manner; the security staff performed their duties seriously; the special police and firefighters were on duty at designated places.

Wuhan University President Took Command in Badminton Test Event

On the morning of April 16, the Badminton Test Event was held at the Wuhan University Student Sports Center. The competition was conducted in line with international standards. The wind speed in the venue was less than 2 meters per second, and the illuminance of lighting was higher than the requirements of the CISM Sport Committee. The chief referee of the competition was HOU Longhu, who is an international referee appointed by the Chinese Badminton Association.

More than 100 college student volunteers from Wuhan University served the event. Over the past year, volunteers have received various trainings to ensure that they can provide services in a timely and appropriate manner. "It's very comfortable to play on this venue. The university has provided excellent services in registration, accommodation, training and competition for the athletes!" praised the 17-year-old athlete ZHAO Mengxing.

Looking at the first round of 12 test events, the key to success is that the Competition Committees have well played their role in the organization of the events. The Competition Committees of the 7th CISM Military World Games, formed and led by the main leaders of various administrative regions, universities or units in Wuhan, have stood high and been well organized. In addition, the Wuhan Executive Commission and its various divisions took the initiative to contact and guide the Competition Committees, and sent their elites to the front line and fight alongside the Competition Committees. As a result, each test event was held as planned.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the event, DOU Xiankang, Director of the Badminton Competition Committee and President of Wuhan University, held several special meetings to track the progress of key tasks, vigorously propelled various preparations and formulated work lists and responsibilities for the 48 Badminton Test Events of the CISM according to the work plan.

There had been a motion of postponing the Wrestling Test Event because of the large amount of preparation work. The head of the Wrestling Competition Committee and leader of Wuhan Vocational College of Software and Engineering guaranteed that the college would mobilize all its forces to complete the preparation work on time, and would never affect the overall schedule of the Wrestling Test Event.

With the support of the relevant divisions of the Wuhan Executive Commission, Wuhan Vocational College of Software and Engineering finally completed the pre-event preparations on time, and the Wrestling Test Event was held as scheduled.

Since the beginning of April, leaders of the Wuhan Executive Commission have conducted research on 38 Competition Committees in three sections to promote their preparation work. The Competition Department of the Wuhan Executive Commission required the staff in charge of competition organization, competition equipment, award ceremonies and medal bearers, sports display, performance statistics, doping control, etc. to be in close contact with the staff of Competition Committees and help solve their problems directly.

“Full Process” Tests of Judo, Men's Basketball and Fencing

“In the first round of test events, tests of different categories and emphasis were completed, which achieved the main purpose of testing the operation process, promoting the understanding among teams, verifying the main functions of the venue, testing the competition equipment, and organizing the competition.”

Recently, the head of the Competition Department of the Executive Commission told reporters that the following test events of the CISM Military World Games will focus on the "full process" tests according to the experience and discovered shortcomings of the first round of test events.

On June 14, the Gymnastics Test Event of the CISM Military World Games was held at the Gymnasium of Hubei Olympic Sports Center, which was a “full process” test on functional rooms, competition organizations, competition refereeing, etc., and many test highlights were affirmed by all parties.

The person in charge of the Gymnastics Competition Committee said that the Gymnastics Test Event adhered to the basic principles of “high standard for organization and comprehensive tests”, comprehensively tested the competition organization, communication, broadcasting and TV replay, publicity, volunteer service, security and comprehensive support, the audience service and other work preparations for the Gymnastics competitions, and evaluated the overall operating effect of the venues in terms of facilities, equipment operation, image and landscape, personnel coordination, interdepartmental coordination and so on.

He introduced that the function rooms for the Gymnastics Test Event were deployed according to the requirements specified in the memorandum signed with CISM Officials in Wuhan and the agenda for competition. The Gymnastics Center of General Administration of Sport of China is directly responsible for competition organization. The referee's dressing, timing and scoring system, video recording for arbitration, and setting up of sports apparatus and acoustic, lighting and electrical equipment inside the venue were implemented in accordance with high standards and strict requirements. For strict in-field access control, working staff must hold a certificate to enter the venue.

The “full process” test is of great significance. The Executive Commission has decided to take three test events, namely, judo, men's basketball and fencing, as comprehensive test events. That is to say, these three competitions will be subject to “full-coverage, full-element, full-process” tests.

This means that it is to examine the organization of foreign receptions, arrivals and departures, liaisons, language services, specialized flag-raising, etiquette and sports display which were rarely involved in the first round of the 12 test events, as well as the organization of TV direct transmission and rebroadcasting.

The person in charge of the Competition Department of the Executive Commission said that the emphasis was on correction of the discovered problems. The Competition Committees of the completed test events should hold evaluation meetings to sort out the problems and propose specific suggestions on correction.

In the next step, the Competition Committees of the coming test events should solve these problems. Special tests and stress tests should be carried out to find weak points, learn from other test events and work out corrective measures to eliminate potential hidden hazards. 【By WU JIE】