On the occasion of the 100-day countdown to the opening of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), on July 8, the Ordnance NCO Academy, Army Engineering University of PLA solemnly held the 100-day Countdown Oath-Taking Rally to the 7th CWG, titled "Celebrate the National Day, Welcome the 7th CWG." The relevant responsible persons of the Military Pentathlon Competition Management Committee, as invited guests, and all teachers, students, employees, demobilized cadres, retired cadres and family member representatives of the School, totaling more than 4,000 people, gathered together to solemnly swear to launch an all-out sprint to the preparations for the Military Pentathlon of the 7th CWG!

At the scene of the event, a publicity film on the School's preparations for the Military Pentathlon Competition of the 7th CWG was broadcast, showing and reviewing the results of the preparations for the Military Pentathlon Competition, and substantially showing the spiritual outlook of the officers and soldiers of the School working together to prepare for the Games.

"The 7th CWG is approaching. The heavy responsibility of the Military Pentathlon is on our shoulders. We swear to be faster and stronger at the 100-day countdown oath-taking rally..." Led by Principal of the School, XIANG Weixiang, more than 4,000 teachers, students and employees on the scene held their right fist high and took a solemn oath before the military flag, making the strongest voice for the victory of the preparations for the Military Pentathlon of the 7th CWG. They vowed to show the world the elegant demeanor of the Chinese army, Chinese military academies and Chinese soldiers with first-class venue construction, first-class competition organization, first-class supply guarantee and first-class spiritual outlook.

At the rally, representatives of the Academy's cadres, cadets, demobilized cadres, retired cadres and family members took the floor respectively, advocating everyone to actively participate in "Beauty on the Campus," "keep a civil tongue, do civilized things and be a civilized person" and other thematic practice activities, starting from oneself, from little things and from now, to strive to improve the service quality and display the good image of the School.

According to XU Zejun, Political Commissar of the School, the Academy would do a good job in all aspects of the events with the highest standards and best conditions, providing guests at home and abroad with a refreshing and pleasant environment, excellent services that make them feel at home, and a memorable military experience, so as to truly show the great-nation image, Wuhan's enthusiasm and the elegant demeanor of soldiers.

At last, all teachers, students and employees held a signing ceremony.

At present, the construction and renovation of Military Pentathlon Venues have been completed. As the only unit of the Army to host the 7th CWG, the Ordnance NCO Academy, Army Engineering University of PLA, with adherence to the Olympic standards, the military style and the artisan spirit, has drawn on the strength and wisdom of the whole school to push ahead with the preparations in many fields such as venue construction, event organization, volunteer service, media operation and food security.

Introduction to Military Pentathlon Competition:

In 708 BC, the 18th ancient Olympic Games set up five competition sports, namely, Discus, Long Jump, Javelin, Race and Wrestling, which were the earliest "Military Pentathlon."

In 1946, French Captain Henri DEBRUS combined with the drill contents for the Dutch paratroopers, and designed a new "Military Pentathlon," including Cross Country Running, Obstacle Run, Obstacle Swimming, Throwing and Shooting.

The Military Pentathlon, which consists of Shooting, Obstacle Run, Obstacle Swimming, Throwing and Cross Country Running, is the most exciting, the most difficult and the toughest event in the CISM. It poses a great test to the quality and willpower of soldiers, is a sign to measure the combat effectiveness of the armies of different countries, and is an extreme challenge to every soldier.

Bayi Military Pentathlon Team, a team full of heroic honor, has successively won 107 world championships, broken world records for 64 times, and been awarded the honorary title of Heroic Military Pentathlon Team by the CPC Central Military Commission. With the spirit of "fight for the first place till falling down and stand up to raise the national flag," they have been continuously creating new glories. 

(Editor WU Jie)