Report from Wuhan Executive Commission (reporter: WAN Ling; correspondents: WU Yanli and ZHANG Guojun) The management of games-time volunteers for the 7th CISM Military World Games (CWG) will be fully informationized. The registration of games-time volunteers for the 7th CWG was started on July 9 and nearly 30,000 people will be exactly matched to over 50 posts through informatization means.

It is understood that the management system of games-time volunteers for the 7th CWG has such functions as recruitment, registration, allocation management, motivation and commending. The registration system for games-time volunteers was officially launched in last April and 90,200 people in total applied to be the games-time volunteers for the 7th CWG through this system. After the initial screening, background review, general training, assessment and other links, nearly 30,000 people will be registered as qualified volunteers to provide voluntary services for the Games. They will be allocated to over 50 posts in Athletes’ Village, the venues for opening and closing ceremonies, competition venues, three railway stations, one airport and reception hotels to provide such services as protocol reception, transportation guide, security, news publicity and assistance for spectators.

According to the person in charge of volunteer recruitment, the Volunteers Dept. of the Executive Commission learns from other large games, adopts innovative informatization management means and organizes to develop a staff-post matching system, in order to accurately match the staff and effectively manage the volunteers. After the volunteer registration system and the staff-post matching system are interconnected, the Event Competition Management Committees (CMCs) and the Special Work Centers can accurately match the staff according to the specific post demands and manage them well. This can be convenient for the volunteers to obtain the access permission after registration, ensure the volunteers to provide services in the corresponding period, greatly save time and reduce mistakes.

On the day when the staff-post matching system was launched, the persons in charge of registration in 38 Event Competition Management Committees, 18 Special Work Centers and 33 colleges and universities participated in the training. 【By WU JIE】