Report from Wuhan Executive Commission on July 11, (reporter: WAN Jianhui) On July 11 and 12, 18 members of Russian, French, Korean, Canadian and Polish delegations paid inspection visits for the preparations of the 7th CISM Military World Games (CWG). This is the second visit from CISM members after the previous visit from Dutch, Brazilian and Omani delegations for the preparations of the 7th CWG in early May.

On the morning of July 11 and 12, the delegations held talks with the heads of departments of Wuhan Executive Commission, in order to learn about the comprehensive support and the competition organization support of the 7th CWG. On the afternoon of July 11, the delegations exchanged ideas with the heads of operation centers of Athletes’ Village Administration Committee, and visited facilities inside the village. On the afternoon of December 12, the delegations visited East Lake Sailing Base and East Lake Marathon and Cycling tracks.

During the talks, the heads of Venues Department, Integrated Logistics Support Department and Information Technology Department of Wuhan Executive Commission introduced the preparations of the 7th CWG by PPT, including accommodation, transportation, catering, medical services, registration, and venue distribution. The Chief of Delegation of the five countries raised questions involving competition support, accommodation and medical services respectively, and the heads of departments of Wuhan Executive Commission answered their questions face to face.

At Athletes’ Village, the heads of Catering Service Center, Accommodation Service Center, Transport Service Center, Security Service Center and Logistics Support Center of Athletes’ Village Operation & Management Committee introduced their respective situations to the delegations, and answered the questions from the delegations.

After visiting apartment buildings and dining halls of Athletes’ Village, the Chief of Russian Delegation praised, “It's like a miracle here. It's really great. I'm looking forward to the competition.” A military officer of the Polish Delegation said, “The place where the athletes will live is very delicate and even surrounded by lakes. It's so beautiful!”

At East Lake Sailing Base, the Korean Delegation asked about the area of East Lake, the water area for competition and the length of sailing tracks. The Polish Delegation asked about the number of racing sailboats.

At East Lake Greenway, members of the delegations were full of praise for the vegetation and landscape there. Russian LT COL Oleg PARKHOMENKO stopped to take photos. He went straight down the ramp way, and stepped on the aquatic plants, in order to take photos together with the lotuses at short range, which became the focus of many cameras and mobile phones of members of the delegations.

According to YU Hao, who is European Affairs Director of Delegation Service Center of Athletes’ Village and receives the pre-visit delegations, French, Russian and Canadian militaries have a strong sports capability, and pay more attention to competition organization-related issues. For example, the French delegation targeted at its advantageous sports such as marathon and cycling, and asked many questions about East Lake tracks.