On July 17, the “Worldwide Media Focusing on the 7th CISM Military World Games” was successfully concluded. The Daily Telegraph and China Daily Global Edition were the first to report the updates of the preparations for the Games to overseas readers by texts and pictures.

The Daily Telegraph on July 16 and China Daily Global Edition on July 17 dedicated a full page to the event under the title “Preparations on Track for Military World Games”.

Both newspapers introduced the host city Wuhan from natural, social, cultural and historical perspectives, reported the updates of venue and facility construction and preparedness, test event results, torch relay, PLA team readiness, urban development, environmental protection and volunteer recruitment, and quoted the high commendations of CISM Officials and delegations for the preparation progresses.

The articles highlighted the Games’ “three epoch-making approaches” and its idea of a “green, shared, open and honest” Games. It was noted that the Games would be the first CISM Military World Games held “out of barracks” and would have special implications in international military sports history. The “green” concept was interpreted through the facts that “of the 35 venues, only 13 are newly built”, “40% of them are located in colleges”, “the venues sit in four zones on both sides of the urban section of the Yangtze River” and “the venues will be used for sports games, public sports, school PE and national defense education after the Games”. The articles said Wuhan is “a city of landscape” and “a sponge city” with “abundant water resources and green environment”, and quoted CISM President Hervé Piccirillo that “China and Wuhan have honored their commitments on environmental and ecological priorities”.

The artistic and solemn pages also presented pictures on Equestrian, Fencing and Road Cycling test events and venues at the East Lake.

It should be noted that this was the second worldwide promotion of the Games by China Daily Global Edition in 2019 following the full-page report titled “Wuhan Racing to Prepare for China’s First ‘Military Olympics’” on March 26. It is learned that the March 26 edition of China Daily Global Edition was the journal of the 4th U.S.-China Sister Cities Mayors' Summit held in Houston on July 17. It was distributed in the press center and hotels to participants and drew high attention from the 20 U.S. mayors, 20 Chinese mayors and many other participants. (Reporter WAN Ling Correspondent DU Si) 

(Editor Nie Yang)