On the afternoon of July 14, reporters from about 20 overseas media finished their three-day interview for preparations of the 7th CISM Military World Games (CWG). They visited the Yellow Crane Tower and interacted with foreign volunteers studying and working here.

This group of overseas reporters began their interview in Wuhan on July 12. During their stay, they visited many venues for the 7th CWG to be held this October, including the Swimming Pool, the Equestrian Venue, the Beach Volleyball Center, Hubei Olympic Center Gymnasium, East Lake Marathon Track, Athletes’ Village, as well as Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and Yellow Crane Tower Park.

Laughter in Qingshan River Beach

On the morning of July 13, the overseas reporters visited the Qingshan District Beach Volleyball Center. Before their interviews, they visited the beach that stretches as long as 7.5 kilometers.

HU Sheng, aged 72, renowned as “the Most Beautiful Volunteer in Hubei Province”, told them about the location of the Beach Volleyball Center and the construction of Qingshan River Beach. He said that, when designing Qingshan River Beach, the ecological and environmental friendly concept of a sponge city was adopted. There was no ponding water in the beach when it rained a few days ago. Therefore, the competition held at this Beach Volleyball Center will not be affected by the heavy rain.

In the square with a capacity of ten thousand people in Qingshan River Beach, HU Sheng introduced the six-lane Linjiang Avenue adjacent to the beach, and the paralleled Peace Avenue, Friendship Avenue, Unity Avenue and Joy Avenue. He quipped, “Peace, Friendship, Unity and Joy are what the CWG is all about, aren’t they?” Many reporters gave a thumb-up for this vivid metaphor.

At the foot of the Qingshan River Beach Erqi Yangtze River Bridge, they saw the busy but orderly traffic on the bridge and Wuhan citizens exercising, walking or fishing under the bridge. Krizjohn ROSALES, reporter from the Philippine Star, captured a series of pictures of the beautiful scene. When seeing the wedding corridor with romantic exterior design, the reporter from Pakistan said he would like to have another wedding here, which made everyone burst into laughter.

The stands of the Beach Volleyball Center are made of steel structure. The functional rooms under the stands are complete and the sand is covered with blue tape. The working staff opened a corner of the tape, showing fine yellow sand. SUN Munkh-orgil, reporter from Montsame, stepped on the sand to feel how soft the sand was.

The working staff said that, the sand bed is 50 centimeters thick, with dense drainage pipes buried below it. The day before, the sand had been mechanically sifted to remove leaves and other debris. The tape is used to keep the sand clean.

A warm feeling at the gymnasium

In Hubei Olympic Center Gymnasium, the working staff introduced the oversized steel structure of the roof, the function of gymnastics competition, and the use after the event. The maple floor in the competition area reaches the international standard of NBA games.

Reporters then visited the dope test room, the security command room, the media studio, and the press conference hall. In the security command room, they learnt that the camera equipment in the gymnasium could detect every corner of the gymnasium and the features of every person in it. In the press conference hall, these overseas reporters felt interesting to learn that a simultaneous translation room is behind an opaque mirror.

The reporters were also interested in Bingbing, Chinese sturgeon and official mascot of the 7th CWG. They asked about the protection of the Chinese sturgeon. According to a working staff, the Chinese sturgeon is a first-class protected wild animal in China. It is a living fossil and known as the “panda in water”. It is well protected as it is of high value in scientific research, medicine and ornament.

East Lake Greenway is the track for Marathon and Cycling in the 7th CWG. After visiting the East Lake and the greenway landscape, SUN Munkh-orgil, reporter from Montsame, said, “It’s as beautiful as the paradise!”

Asim KAMAL, reporter from Press Trust of India, said he would make the CWG known by more Indian people. He also hoped the Indian delegation would do well in their competitive events such as Shooting.

Fantasies aroused by the beautiful scenery of the Athletes’ Village

On the morning of July 14, the overseas reporters came to the Athletes’ Village by the side of Huangjia Lake. Upon getting off the bus, they were attracted by a long row of colorful flags flying in the square of the village committee.

According to the working staff, these are 140 flagpoles in the flag-raising square. The existing colorful flags will be replaced with the national flags of all participating countries during the event. There are 8 major flagpoles in front of the 140 flagpoles. Before the opening of the 7th CWG, many flag-raising ceremonies will be held here to welcome the delegations, and the ceremony can be held for as many as eight delegations simultaneously.

The greening of Huangjia Lake Wetland Park has been completed. The Athletes’ Village is vivified and beautified by the green lotus leaves and red and white lotus flowers in the distance. Amid the fragrance from lotus, the reporters walked along the path of the wetland park and took photos with the cute statue Bingbing on a slope.

Mariia CHERDANTCEVA, reporter from Ruptly TV, said in an interview in front of the statue that the Athletes’ Village is so huge and beautiful. Obviously, the builders were careful in every way and their hard work is unforgettable. Athletes who stay here will be very happy. They can enjoy the beauty of the Athletes’ Village and the city.

Mariia CHERDANTCEVA highlighted that, she hoped the CWG would enhance friendship and cooperation among countries and truly bring people from different countries together, making the sports promote friendship. She also said she would come back to Wuhan in the future as a tourist and bring her friends together.

In the model apartments for the athletes, the reporters were satisfied with the interior design. They asked about their use after the event. When hearing the apartments would be sold after the event, Mongolian and Vietnamese reporters nodded affirmatively.

Experience the culture of the CWG at the foot of the Yellow Crane Tower

In Yellow Crane Tower Park, a Pakistani student studying in China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) served as the docent of the park. He told the reporters the park’s attractions, history and culture. After that, the reporter from Pakistan struck up a conversation with him.

A pupil docent for the park told a story to the overseas reporters. LI Bai, a famous poet of Tang Dynasty, decided not to write a poem about the Yellow Crane Tower after he read the splendid poem the Yellow Crane Tower written by another poet CUI Hao. Michael PUNONGBAYAN, reporter from the Philippine Star, said it could be seen that the Yellow Crane Tower has a long history. Although this tower was not the original one, it also reflects the historical inheritance.

In the White Cloud Pavilion of the Yellow Crane Tower Park, the overseas reporters watched the display of Wuhan intangible cultural heritage of Bingbing paper-cut and Bingbing mud sculpture in great amazement. KIM Man Soo, general manager of the China Branch of OBS, noticed that a set of Bingbing paper-cuts contained all kinds of sports styles. He counted them, exactly 27, representing the 27 major events of the 7th CWG.

Asim KAMAL, reporter from Press Trust of India, said that he saw various kinds of volunteers in the Yellow Crane Tower, including foreigners and children. This volunteer spirit would help the 7th CWG achieve huge success. He knows that the success of the CWG largely depends on the communication between people. He hopes that the volunteer spirit, the way to communicate and the atmosphere in the Yellow Crane Tower can be applied to the whole Games.

Reporters said that they would soon report this fruitful trip in various ways, such as words, pictures and videos. They would introduce the preparations of the 7th CWG and, in particular, the readiness of Wuhan City to the global audience. (Reporter WAN Jianhui, Photographer YU Zhiyong)

(Editor Nie Yang)