"The services are surprisingly good. This is a beautiful city. The citizens are friendly. Thank you!" Mariia CHERDANTCEVA, reporter from Ruptly TV wrote on the guest book after visiting Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall on the morning of July 12.

Wuhan Executive Commission invited more than 100 reporters from Chinese and overseas media to Wuhan for a large-scale interview activity themed “Worldwide Media Focusing on the 7th CISM Military World Games (CWG)”. The interview was held from July 12 to 17, in order to recommend the event focuses and the bright spots of the city. The first stage was from July 12 to 14. Hong Kong media and nearly 20 overseas media, including Rossiya Segodnya, Press Trust of India and OBS of South Korea, came to Wuhan to cover the preparations for the 7th CWG.

On July 12, more than 40 reporters from 20 overseas media and Hong Kong media visited Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall located in the Wuhan Citizens Home. They saw the intelligent inspection robot for power supply guarantee for the 7th CWG in Tazihu Sports Center, and interviewed the Natatorium and Equestrian Venue in Wuhan Business University.

In Wuhan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, the reporters visited the Hall of City Impression, the Exhibition Areas of Historical Wuhan, Livable Wuhan and Intelligent Wuhan and the Experience Area of Happy City. They listened to the working staff’s introduction to the history, present and future of Wuhan. In the General Planning Model Hall, all the visitors viewed the modern Wuhan presented with light and shadow models, discussing and praising.

Asim KAMAL, reporter from Press Trust of India, said Wuhan is a city with a long history and rich culture. Its brilliant present and future are equally shocking for them.

In the Power Distribution Room of Tazihu Sports Center, the reporters had a look at the work of the intelligent inspection robot and interviewed the technical personnel for half an hour.

On the afternoon of July 12, the reporters from overseas media firstly visited Wuhan Business University Natatorium. They felt the pure and athletic beauty formed by the blue pools and the walls with blue patterns. They took photos one after another. Some of them stretched out their hands to touch the water in the swimming pool.

The reporters also came to the Esglobe Equestrian Sports Park in Wuhan Business University in spite of the rain. 30 racing horses from Europe are fed there and will be used for the Equestrian competition during the 7th CWG.

When the reporters saw so many docile and tall horses blinking in the stable, they became so excited that they stroked the horses or took photos with the horses.

Krizjohn ROSALES, reporter from the Philippine Star, asked the breeder several questions: “When was the Esglobe Equestrian Sports Park built?”, “Were there any horse in the school?”, and “Will all the horses keep a good state during the competition?”

The working staff answered that, they were carefully training the racing horses, in order to make each of them reach the best state.

After watching the equestrian performance of the horsemen at the Equestrian Venue, the reporters rode the horses for a circle slowly on the indoor racecourse. Under the protection of the working staff, they experienced the feeling of a rider. The female reporters were particularly excited.

KHIEU Thanh Ha, reporter from Viet Nam News, interviewed a student majoring in Horse Racing in Wuhan Business University on the spot. He asked her how many years she had studied horse racing, how many students there were in the Major of Equestrian and how the students select this major. The student answered these questions positively.

At the meet-and-greet for the leaders of Wuhan Executive Commission and the reporters from overseas media, Mariia CHERDANTCEVA, reporter from Ruptly TV affectionately said, “This is the first time for me to come to Wuhan. After the interview today, I feel Wuhan is very big. The people of Wuhan are very enthusiastic. I get the feel at home here. The working staff of the Executive Commission is very professional and passionate. They are so excited when talking about their jobs. I sincerely wish the 7th CWG a complete success!” (Reporter WAN Jianhui, photographer YU Zhiyong)

(Editor NIE Yang)