On July 15, the large-scale interview activity “Worldwide Media Focusing on the 7th CISM Military World Games” continued to warm up, the reporters from 80 Chinese mainstream media, such as People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and the PLA Daily, visited the Equestrian Venue, Natatorium and other venues for the 7th CISM Military World Games (CWG) though the weather was very hot, and this was the beginning of the three-day intensive interview for the preparations and greeting state of Wuhan for the 7th CWG.

The Equestrian, Swimming and Fencing of the Modern Pentathlon in the 7th CWG will be held in the venues of Wuhan Business University. This university is the first in China setting the equestrian major. 30 racing horses for the 7th CWG were introduced from Europe last year, which will be used for teaching after the event. The reporters were very excited when they saw the racing horses trained here. They took photos and videos, closely touched the horses and experienced horse riding one after another. LI Yixuan, reporter from SSTV, broadcast the news while riding the horse without any nervousness. She said happily that the venue was very soft and the horse trainer was very experienced.

FU Chenlin, reporter from Beijing Youth Daily Convergence Media, was very interested in the daily living and training of the racing horses. One of the student volunteers introduced that these horses have four meals one day and can get snacks as reward if they have a good training performance. The horses are taken care for 24 hours by specially assigned staff. The information greatly gratified his curiosity. He said the awareness of the 7th CWG in China had been increasingly improved, some of his friends had started to pay attention to the tickets of the event, and he would widely publicize the Equestrian Venue and Natatorium, etc. through the form of Convergence Media.

When the reporters walked into the Natatorium, they were immediately attracted by the internal environment featuring blue and white tone and the limpid swimming pool; some of them posed beside the swimming pool, shoot short videos and posted them in WeChat Moments. It was learned that this is a Class-A Natatorium, reaching the international standard for individual competition, and its ceiling has the sound absorption function which can ensure the reverberation time is less than 2.5s; there are vent holes scattered on the surrounding walls and skid resistant tiles with a comfortable touching feel paved at the sides of the pool. All the reporters took out their camcorders, cameras, and microphones to carry out spot interview. Some of them even felt unsatisfied with the intensive introduction on the spot and then interviewed the detailed background information by queuing.

ZHAO Jing, reporter from CCTV-5 commented, the Natatorium is fresh and practical, and is a rare venue of high standard in China, “Its acoustic panel will improve the audiences’ viewing experience and the effect of TV broadcast. This is great!”

The reporters also visited the Main Media Center for the event.

The reporters attending this intensive interview arrived in Wuhan on July 14, the northernmost one of them came from HLJTV and the southernmost came from SSTV. The media in most key cities, such as Shanghai and Chongqing, and other provincial capitals also assigned reporters to participate in this activity.

This is the first time for LI Yixuan, reporter from SSTV, to Wuhan. She said though she had been here for two days, she felt Wuhan is a large and international city. FU Chenlin from Beijing Youth Daily said he had been to Wuhan when he was a college student and he felt Wuhan has developed a lot these years, especially the high-speed rail station is very splendid.

Wuhan Business University presented the warmth and thoughtfulness of all walks of life in Wuhan for greeting and serving the 7th CWG. The Competition Management Committee of the 7th CWG mainly composed of the personnel from this university arranged relevant personnel of the Media and Communication Dept. and volunteers to introduce the background and high-tech highlights of the relevant venues to the reporters and all the services were provided systematically. FAN Yong, student volunteer, said he had been providing services for various media since last year, and he was familiar with all the terms about the venues especially after the exercise of the test event of the 7th CWG. (Reporter WAN Ling)

(Editor NIE Yang)