The 7th CISM Military World Games (CWG) recruited more than 1,000 people from all walks of life as volunteers. The first batch of more than 800 people received Volunteers’ General Training on July 21.

Volunteers of the 7th CWG are dominated by university students in Wuhan and students of military colleges. In addition, more than 1,000 volunteers from Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, Red Cross Society of China, public welfare organizations, and centrally-administered state-owned enterprises in Wuhan, as well as volunteer representatives of 16 prefecture-level cities and prefectures in Hubei Province will also provide event service for the 7th CWG.

The Executive Commission of the 7th CWG selected 160 event volunteers from 16 prefecture-level cities and prefectures in Hubei Province last year. During the events, they will provide voluntary service in Wuhan. Volunteers with specialty in foreign languages from such centrally-administered state-owned enterprises in Wuhan as WISDRI, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, CSCEC International and CRRC Yangtze, as well as Wuhan Yangtze River Rescue Volunteer Team, Blue Sky Rescue, Lifeshine First Aid and other organizations will also give full play to their advantages in the event service.

According to Volunteers Department of the 7th CWG, in this January and June, 34,000 university students received Volunteers’ General Training. The training contents included military ABC, etiquette, oral English for competition and psychological adjustment. For volunteers from all walks of life, the training contents are slightly different, mainly including emotion and stress management, team awareness enhancement, security precaution and media communication. The lecturers included experts who have participated in major security work and experienced professional volunteers. (Reporter WAN Ling, Correspondent YIN Sujuan)

(Editor NIE Yang)