On July 21, a delegation of five CISM Officials, accompanied by two Liaison Officers of the Executive Commission at CISM HQ, inspected the preparatory work of the 7th CISM Military Games (CWG) in Wuhan.

It’s learned that in the six-day inspection, CISM Officials would visit the venues for opening and closing ceremonies, the Athletes’ Village, East Lake Sailing Base, Hongshan Gymnasium, Wuhan Sports University Gymnasium, and communicate with Wuhan Executive Commission on the competition schedule and protocol service.

The delegation members include Olivier Verhelle, 7th CWG Director, Edson Aita, CISM Protocol & Events Manager, Luiz Fernando, CISM Sports Director, Joseph Bakari, 7th CWG Assistant Director, and Rafael Pinheiro, CISM PCSC Manager. GAI Xiuqing (military) and GAO Song, Liaison Officers of the Executive Commission at CISM HQ, attended the inspection.

In the afternoon of July 21, the delegation visited the Main Media Center adjacent to Wuhan Sports Center, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. They checked each office from the first to the fourth floor and took photos from time to time.

The staff introduced to the CISM Officials that the Main Media Center had a press conference hall at the first floor, offices for journalists and photographers on the first and second floors, and TV studio and broadcast hall on the third floor. The competitions of the 7th CWG would be shared with the world via optical fiber and satellites. Reporters from China and each corner of the globe would enjoy the best services in the Center. The delegation members were pleased when the staff said media officers from CISM HQ would have dedicated offices.

Mr. Olivier Verhelle extended appreciation to China’s preparations for the 7th CWG. He said it was admirable and impressive that the host city, without having a complete guiding plan from CISM, had an excellently equipped media center built in less than two years.

It’s reported that in the following four days, the delegation members would visit venues and meet the responsible personnel of the Executive Commission in two parallel groups, or do the jobs as a whole. The communication would involve such affairs as the opening and closing ceremonies, the competition schedule, protocol concerning medals and Awards Ceremony, VIP reception, Medical Care, Ticketing and hotel. (Reporter WAN Jianhui, Photographer YU Zhiyong)

 (Editor NIE Yang)