Upon wrapping up their investigation of the preparatory work for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), 5 officials of the International Military Sports Council (CISM) headquarter left Wuhan on July 26.

CISM officials arrived in Wuhan on July 21 to set out their investigation, which is of great significance since there were less than 90 days to go before the 7th CWG and the venue construction has been completed and test events half finished. The officials, including Olivier Verhelle, 7th CWG Director, Edson Aita, CISM Protocol & Events Manager, Luiz Fernando, CISM Sports Director, Joseph Bakari, 7th CWG Assistant Director and Rafael Pinheiro, CISM PCSC Manager, had met with the responsible personnel of Wuhan Executive Commission to discuss specific issues on competition schedule and visited some venues.

On July 21, CISM officials visited the Main Media Center at the start. In the next few days, they split up into two groups and braved the heat to inspect Wuhan Sports Center where the opening and closing ceremonies are to be held, the Athletes’ Village, Hubei Olympic Center, Optics Valley International Tennis Center, Wuhan Business University Equestrian Venue, Caidian National Defense Park Archery Field, Hongshan Gymnasium, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Gymnasium, Wuhan University of Technology Gymnasium and Wuhan City Polytechnic Gymnasium.

At the dope test station in the Gymnastics Venue of Hubei Olympic Sports Center, Joseph Bakari took several photos and asked about details such as how the sample cabinet keeps things safe. In Hongshan Gymnasium, Bakari tried out the audience seat particularly upon hearing that an all-round test in line with official competition standards had been conducted here in the Men’s Basketball test event held last month. According to Bakari, the standards of Men’s Basketball Venue had exceeded those required by the memo developed by CISM and Executive Commission. In the Athletes’ Village, CISM officials paid successive visits to the Welcome Center, Security Command Center, Religious Center, Flag-raising Square and sample apartment rooms for chiefs of delegations as well as athletes. They were satisfied with the wrapped-up corner and lengthened beds’ end and spoke highly of the scenery of Huangjia Lake outside the window of sample rooms. Moreover, CISM officials inquired further about the traffic, storage of sport equipment and cultural activities inside the Athletes’ Village during a subsequent forum.

During the afternoon on July 25, CISM officials listened to the staff’s introduction and took notes and photos while watching the boards on the East Lake Greenway Marathon and Road Cycling track in the hot sun. After inspecting the East Lake Sailing Base, Rafael Pinheiro said that his visits to the sailing base always brought him new feelings as there were always changes. He pointed out that the staff of all Competition Management Committees made a joint effort and were fully devoted to their work, which could be seen from the inspection. He believed that the Competition Management Committees will provide the best guarantee and service for the sports event.

As organized and coordinated by the Protocol Center of the 7th CWG, multiple rounds of talks were held between CISM officials and Wuhan Executive Commission during the inspection, which covered affairs related to registration, signing up, opening and closing ceremonies, the competition schedule, medals, awards ceremonies, arrivals & departures, medical care, arrangement in Athletes’ Village, protocols, titles, national flags, national anthems and national emblems, etc.. They finally reached agreement on multiple issues and signed relevant memos.  (Reporter WAN Jianhui)

(Editor NIE Yang)