Wuhan Executive Commission (By reporter WAN Ling) On July 31, according to the news released by Wuhan Executive Commission, the games-time operational organization for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) was formed. Starting from August 1, the games-time operational command system will be put into use.

The games-time operational command system for the 7th CWG is reportedly formed according to the principle of “refined structure, comprehensive functions, professional response, smooth operation and efficient command”, which functions as the command, control and coordination system for operations of the events as well as cities during the 7th CWG. It is made up of the command level and execution level, the former includes the Joint Command Office, Athletes’ Village Committee, Dept. of Competition and Venues Operation, Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Reception, Major Event Dept., Publicity Dept., Security Dept., Transport Dept., Dept. of Food and Medical Care and Dept. of Games Service, and the latter consists of 38 Competition Management Committees, 18 Special Work Centers and Athletes’ Village Operation & Management Committee and the Doping Control Center. As of now, the main functions, position setting, operation mechanism and staffing for the aforesaid divisions have been specified and the formation has been completed.

In order to build a competent team for the games-time operational organization and by observing the Organizing Committee’s instruction as “leaders of responsible units for the games-time operational command system shall be in command” and requirements as “the transferred personnel shall have high political quality and strong capability”, the Human Resources Dept. under Wuhan Executive Commission acted swiftly after the 100-day Countdown Oath-taking Rally to write to relevant institutions including the central ministries and commissions, military systems and administrations of Hubei Province and Wuhan City for transferring some working staff to work in special work centers as well as Competition Management Committees.

Currently, the leaders and working staff for the games-time operational command system have reported for duty. Apart from having organized disciplinary education, taken collective oath and arranged personnel to corresponding positions according to the unified deployment, all departments are now perfecting communication mechanism, improving operation schedule and emergency plan and carrying out professional training through combining with tests and exercises. The Joint Command Office will organize comprehensive exercises and integrated tests, improve the coordinated working mechanism, and ensure efficient command and smooth operation.