Wuhan Executive Commission (Reporter WAN Jianhui) The Flying Test Event of Aeronautical Pentathlon for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) was successfully held at the airport of a unit of China Air Force on August 4 and 5.

On the morning of August 5, the Aeronautical Pentathlon (Flying) Competition Management Committee (CMC) gave a brief mission instruction of preparing for flying. At 11 o’clock, the Flying Test Event officially started. As per the process of official contest, 2 sorties were arranged. Each sortie needed to fly on a triangular route for 40min. This airport was both the starting and the end point of the route.

Aeronautical Pentathlon is a military sport event born in France in 1947. It is divided into Flying Contest and Sport Contest. The former is flying contest via delta wing aircraft and the latter includes Shooting, Fencing, Basketball, Swimming, Obstacle Race and Orienteering, 5 of which with the best performances are selected for scoring as per the evaluation standard.

LIU Zhigang, Vice Director of the Aeronautical Pentathlon (Flying) CMC, told the reporter on the site that the Flying Contest aims to examine the athletes’ ability of task preparation, low altitude navigation and on-time reach, so the athletes’ map identification ability, coordinate calculation and meteorological judgment are especially important. Besides, the international aviation English is used in this event and the athletes must be good at English communication.

During the Test Event, the participating team member on board gave the instructions of altitude, speed and direction as the navigator while the pilot in the front seat flied the plane to each point of the triangular route. Three ground judge points were set in the region of the route. The referee of each judge point determined the time and flight path deviation of the participating team members’ reaching each point of the route with video, radar and other devices, and gave the scores as per the scoring rules.

The reporter saw on the site that many tents were temporarily set up on the venue for the Test Event. The soldiers on duty, medical personnel and volunteers stuck to their posts and were ready to take actions.

This Flying Test Event of Aeronautical Pentathlon was rehearsed as per the requirements of complete process and total factors. Before the event, the Aeronautical Pentathlon (Flying) CMC convened an Aeronautical Pentathlon Technical Research Meeting, published a brief report about the Flying Contest, answered the questions of the coaches and athletes on the site and organized the athletes participating in the event to try on the equipment and practice in the cockpit.

On the morning of August 5, the Aeronautical Pentathlon (Flying) CMC for the 7th CWG held a press conference in the temporary tent on the venue. DUAN Jing, Vice Director of the Aeronautical Pentathlon (Flying) CMC, said the CMC had been paying high attention to the event since they received the task of holding Aeronautical Pentathlon Flying Contest. They had been adhering to taking the competition as the core task, and the subordinated one office and 12 divisions and 168 volunteers from Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering had been cooperating with each other closely and sparing no efforts to provide support for the event. The CMC now can provide considerate, thoughtful and warm services for the athletes, technical officials and flying support personnel.

DING Yi, Executive Director of the Aeronautical Pentathlon (Flying) CMC, introduced the unit of China Air Force undertaking the task of this Flying Test Event was listed as the national emergency transportation service team in 2007. Through the years, the unit has successively participated in or completed many important tasks at home and abroad, such as the earthquake relief work in Wenchuan, Yushu and Nepal, evacuation of nationals from Libya, and search for missing Malaysia Airlines’ plane. This unit has also undertaken many competitions within China Air Force as the spearhead of the large plane forces of the whole army and frequently represents China Air Force to participate in international military competitions.

Among the 27 competitive events set for the 7th CWG, there are 4 with military characteristics, including Aeronautical Pentathlon, Military Pentathlon, Naval Pentathlon and Parachuting, which have special attraction to the public. The Flying Test Event is the second test event for military sports after Parachuting Test Event held on June 12.

It was learned that 10 delegations respectively from Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Czech Republic, Sweden and China will participate in the Flying Contest of Aeronautical Pentathlon during the 7th CWG.