The official ticketing website ( for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) was launched. From this day forward, worldwide users may register with their real identities at the official ticketing website and embark on a journey to watch the 7th CWG.

The newly launched 7th CWG ticketing website is the official online ticketing information & sales platform which provides the global public with the updates on ticket policy as well as information. People may visit the official website of the 7th CWG ( and click “Ticketing Center” on the navigation bar of the home page to check the latest ticketing policy and information.

According to the 7th CWG ticketing plan, tickets of contests will be made available in advance at the end of August and users who successfully registered could book the tickets either through the official ticketing website or the 88 nationwide designated ticketing agencies. The ticketing agencies include 57 branches of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), of which 38 are in Wuhan and 19 in other parts of Hubei Province, and 31 branches under (Damai). During the games, the Ticketing Center of the 7th CWG will have ticket booths set in each venue for the public to buy tickets.

ICBC is the only bank designated by the 7th CWG for ticket sales and its 38 physical ticketing agencies in Wuhan could guide users to register there with real identities. Damai, which is the ticketing system service provider for the 7th CWG, will also guide its users to register with real identities in its physical stores in Wuhan as well as over 30 nationwide ticketing agencies. The offline ticketing agencies will provide additional services such as counter-based sales and self-service ticket delivery.

In order to provide better ticketing service, the official 7th CWG ticketing helpline provided by China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. (CMCC) will be set up. The public may call at 027-12580-7 or email to, the customer service email for official ticketing, to inquire about ticketing information. As the exclusive supplier of ticketing service for the 7th CWG, China Olympic Sports Industry Co., Ltd. will ensure all-round support for the ticketing work.

CWG is a large-scale comprehensive sports event of the highest level for worldwide military personnel and is known as the “Military Olympics”. Subsequent to its launch, the official ticketing website for the 7th CWG will update details on contests schedule, ticket price, ticket purchase, sales policy and notice to audiences, etc., guaranteeing perfect ticketing service and experience to watch the games for the global public.