At 10 a.m. on August 9, 2019, the signing ceremony and press conference for China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited (China Baowu) to become the 7th CISM Military World Games (the 7th CWG) partner of steel industry were held in Wuhan Conference Center. CHEN Xiexin, vice president of Wuhan Executive Commission and deputy mayor of Wuhan Municipal People's Government, GUO Bin, deputy general manager of China Baowu and general representative of China Baowu headquarters based in Wuhan, and FU Xinyu, general manager and deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Wuhan Iron & Steel Group under China Baowu attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, CHEN Xiexin, deputy mayor of Wuhan Municipal People's Government awarded the honorary plate for the 7th CWG partner of steel industry to China Baowu, marking that China Baowu became a new sponsor of the 7th CWG.

As the highest level large-scale comprehensive sports event for global military, the 7th CWG will be held in Wuhan, Hubei Province from October 18 to 27, 2019. Themed with “Sharing Friendship and Promoting Peace”, the game consists of 27 sports and 328 disciplines. Nearly ten thousand participants from over 100 countries around the world will gather in the River City and compete with each other. The 7th CWG is an international sports event of the largest scale to be held in China subsequent to Beijing Olympic Games and is a tribute to the 70th birthday of China.

As a leader in China’s steel industry, regarding “to become a leader in global steel industry” as its vision, “to build a high-quality steel ecosphere” as its mission and “integrity, innovation, synergy and sharing” as its value, China Baowu is committed to taking the lead in steel production, green development, intelligent manufacturing, service transformation and distinctive profitability through reform and development, creating a framework of coordinated development in fields of new material, trade logistics, industrial service, urban service and industry finance, etc. based on green, competitive and intelligent steel industry. China Baowu is an excellent representative of Chinese enterprises and has remarkable contributions to China’s booming steel industry and social development.

With respect to social contributions, China Baowu actively implements clean production and supports the 7th CWG with green power. XIAN HUO JI, a 60-year-old brand of Wuhan Iron & Steel Group is the designated carbonated beverage for the 7th CWG, which promotes the spirit of military games and highlights enterprise vitality by brand culture.

GUO Bin, deputy general manager of China Baowu and general representative of China Baowu headquarters based in Wuhan, stated in his speech that China Baowu was deeply connected with Wuhan in terms of geography and emotion. As Wuhan hosts large-scale comprehensive sports event for the first time, China Baowu has its responsibility and obligation to support the preparatory work. The partnership between China Baowu and the 7th CWG is a great opportunity to display the spiritual outlook of Chinese enterprises and do credit to the game.

Apart from China Baowu, the 7th CWG has also built partnership with multiple outstanding representatives of Chinese enterprises which will support the game in terms of financial services, automobiles and insurance. Shouldering glorious social responsibilities, these enterprises will play an important supporting role in preparing for and welcoming the 7th CWG.

(Editor Nie Yang)