Wuhan Executive Commission (Reporter WAN Ling, Correspondent TIAN Yong) On August 23, the official online flagship store of licensed products for the 7th CISM Military World Games (CWG) was formally launched. You can visit http://mall.jd.com/index-10049426.html to buy official licensed products of the 7th CWG online and enjoy a convenient and fast shopping experience.

It is reported that the new official online flagship store will successively launch 10 categories of nearly 200 items of licensed products, including military products, badges with Wuhan characteristics, non-precious metal products, precious metal products, sportswear/casual wear, apparel and accessories, stationery, toys, bags, leather products, ceramics and other handicrafts and silk products with Chinese characteristics, as well as the commemorative stamps and pure silver souvenir medals for the 7th CWG.

The online store, planned and operated by China Olympic Sports Industry Co., Ltd., is the only official online sales channel for the 7th CWG licensed products. It provides online sales of licensed products for the global public. The Company is also the exclusive ticket supplier for the 7th CWG.

Wuhan Executive Commission has opened 21 offline licensed retail stores in Wuhan, mainly in airports, business areas, scenic spots and other areas with large volume of people. The toys, military products, badges, commemorative stamps and other licensed products based on the mascot “Bingbing” are popular among the consumers.


Some licensed products for the 7th CWG:

1. Licensed products for the 7th CWG - T-shirts printed with Wuhan Bingbing or ink painting

2. Licensed products for the 7th CWG - Bingbing dolls and Bingbing Chinese dolls

3. Licensed products for the 7th CWG - 208 highland military stainless steel ultrathin commemorative watches

4. Licensed products for the 7th CWG – large kerchiefs: Military Glory, and small kerchiefs