How to deal with the situation in which guests get stuck in an elevator? Who are supposed to actively respond to the emergency of sudden power & water cuts? To improve the security mechanism in the designated hotel for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), the Hospitality Center together with relevant departments in Wuhan held a comprehensive emergency drill in Gleetour Maya Hotel Wuhan in the morning of August 23.

It's said the drill is to guide the designated hotels to further improve their emergency plans, enhance security awareness and improve professionals’ precautions and readiness against accidents and disasters, thus ensuring all-round hotel security during the 7th CWG.

The drill lasted 2 hours and covered 12 emergency subjects including food security, public health & medical incident, public security (treatment of brawls), special equipment (treatment of the situation in which people get trapped in elevators), power supply failure (treatment of sudden power system failure), gas lines leakage, in-hotel emergency (lost objects), water supply (treatment of sudden water cuts), anti-terrorism (treatment of suspicious explosives), fire evacuation, hotel emergency (treatment of falling from hotel buildings), and fire emergency (fire and rescue drill). The drills for all subjects were carried out in the form of scenario simulation in a tense and orderly way, during which the participants were fully devoted, acted as required by the standards and responded rapidly.

The responsible persons of 98 optional designated hotels for the 7th CWG were invited to be present. They said that the drill plays a highly specific, instructive and exemplary role in ensuring the designated hotels’ safe and quality service.

The expert panel, which consists of personnel from provincial and municipal security emergency management departments, professors and hotels’ general managers, observed the whole process and submitted the “Comments” at the end of the drill. In the “Comments”, the experts spoke highly of the drill and believed it would play an instructive and exemplary role in the hotels' precautious practice. (Reporter LAN Yuting, Correspondent FANG Jinming & SHI Lan)

(Editor NIE Yang)