On the morning of August 24, with gunshot sound constantly spreading from the Air Force Early Warning Academy Shooting Venue, the four-day Test Event for Sport Contest of Aeronautical Pentathlon for the 7th CISM Military World Games kicked off here.

Aeronautical Pentathlon is a military sport program born in France in 1947. It is divided into Flying Contest and Sport Contest. The former is Low-altitude triangle navigation and the latter includes Shooting, Fencing, Basketball, Swimming, Obstacle Race and Orienteering, five of which with the best performances are selected for scoring as per the evaluation standard. The Test Event for the Flying Contest was successfully held at the airport of a unit of China Air Force at the beginning of August. The Shooting, Fencing, Basketball, Swimming and Obstacle Race are held in Air Force Early Warning Academy, and the Orienteering is held at the Orienteering Venue in Jiangxia District.

According to the Chairman of Aeronautical Pentathlon Competition Management Committee, Sport Contest of Aeronautical Pentathlon is a competition of both skills and physical ability. Shooting and Fencing are technical programs, mainly testing the flexibility of the small muscles, while Obstacle Race and Swimming test the strength of the big muscles. Dribbling and shooting of the Basketball can train the eyes-hands coordination ability during piloting; Fencing tests the combat ability, 100m Obstacle Swimming tests the pilots' skills necessary for self-rescue in case of dropping into the ocean; Shooting is helpful to defeat the enemy at close range; Obstacle Run is an escaping skill, testing the pilots’ ability of self-rescue under emergency situations in unknown areas.

Both the Shooting Venue and the Swimming Pool have been renovated in line with the Competition Regulations for Aeronautical Pentathlon released by the International Military Sports Council (CISM). All the venues and facilities are compliant with the standard and requirements for holding the competitions and are inspected and accepted by the CISM and the Wuhan Executive Commission. In order to raise the level of this Test Event, the Aeronautical Pentathlon Competition Management Committee invited Capitan Peter Carlsson, President of the CISM Sport Committee of Military Aeronautical Pentathlon, to give guidance for venue construction and competition organization last month.

It's learned that 10 delegations respectively from Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Czech Republic, Sweden and China will participate in the official competition of Aeronautical Pentathlon in this October. The Chairman of Aeronautical Pentathlon Competition Management Committee said that, this is the first time for China to participate in this competition, and the delegations from Brazil, Denmark and Sweden are strong. (Reporter LI Yong   Correspondents LU Ming and LIU Pei   Photographer YU Zhiyong)

(Editor NIE Yang)