Among the drumbeat and blown horn, the ceremony for the establishment of People's Liberation Army (PLA) delegation for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) and Oath-taking Pep Rally is held at the Military Sports Training Center of the Central Military Commission Training and Administration Department on August 29.

The 7th CWG will kick off in Wuhan on October 18. PLA delegation, consisting of 553 persons selected from the entire army, will participate in 24 sports programs except Golf and 2 demonstration events. The delegation has the largest number of participants compared with other countries and hit a record high of Chinese participants in CISM Military World Games.

The ceremony starts in the national anthem and members of PLA delegation took a collective oath: "undertake the mission to win national honor, fight bravely to race to the top, respect opponents and referees, be civilized and observe discipline without tricks, value friendship and highlight gracious manners, promote military and national power", stirring the participants' passion and showing their determination to win.

All the participants expressed that, they will fight for the honor of China, seize the chance to challenge themselves and obtain good results for the Communist Party of China and Chinese people; they will, with PLA's mission in mind, defend Chinese military glory and promote PLA's tradition of daring to fight and determine to win battles while holding on to Bayi Spirits, shining the Bayi title and displaying the freshly reformed PLA force; as a member of CISM, they will value peace and friendship, promote and implement sportsmanship; spare no efforts to prepare and compete in contests and pursue success, keep practicing and build an elite force with great enthusiasm, resilient perseverance and scientific methods, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with good performance. (Reporter WAN Jianhui   Photographer YU Zhiyong)

(Editor NIE Yang)