On August 29, the Test Event for Men's Volleyball for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) kicked off in Jianghan University Gymnasium. The three-day test event consists of six serpentine systems among four men's volleyball teams from Hubei, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Apart from the champion, there was also a "Most Valuable Player (MVP)" to be awarded in the event.

It's said that the 7th CWG set up a Competition Management Committee in Jianghan University, which takes charge of the competition for Men's Volleyball. As of now, Jianghan University Gymnasium has been reconstructed according to the standards of international men's volleyball event. With one floor above the ground and one under the ground, the gymnasium covers an area of 6,548 square meters with floor area of 15,511.2 square meters and total height of 28.107 meters. Its main building adopts frame structure with metal grid structure applied for the roof. Inside the gymnasium, there are competition hall and function rooms such as athletes' lounge, media & press conference hall and broadcast hall. The stand contains 2,500 fixed seats.

The venue for the test event is managed in a closed-off manner. All those who enter the gymnasium and their belongings, cargoes and equipment are required to go through security check. According to the competition policy, those who enter in or out of the gymnasium should present their tickets or related certificates. With catering service provided in the security zone, food and drinks are forbidden from being taken into the gymnasium.

To better support the 7th CWG, Jianghan University does its utmost to improve its environment and landscape to create top-ranking environment for competitions, taking talent cultivation demands into consideration during venue construction to build first-class competition venues. It has selected nearly 6,000 student volunteers to provide best voluntary services. (Correspondents LIU Jin and CHEN Minying)

(Editor NIE Yang)