As the flowers blooming in the River Beach in August, many visitors came to Qingshan to embrace the green mountains and waters here. At 8:00 am on August 30, 2019, a whistle in Qingshan District Beach Volleyball Center unveiled the curtain of the Men's Beach Volleyball Test Event for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) & Finals of 2019 National U19 Beach Volleyball Tournament. Qingshan District Beach Volleyball Center has been a new hot-online landmark in Qingshan after its completion and attracted many contestants and audiences.

From August 30 to September 1, 28 athletes from Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hong Kong, Hubei, Hainan and Ningxia, etc. competed in the main venue and the winners would enter the next stage of the competition. On the afternoon of September 1, Jiangsu Kaiqiying Team contested with Hubei Team for the champion of this Test Event. The performance of these two strong teams attracted many audiences. After fierce competition, Hubei Team won the second place with slightly lower scores. Jiangsu Kaiqiying Team won the champion of the Men's Beach Volleyball Test Event for the 7th CISM Military World Games & Finals of 2019 National U19 Beach Volleyball Tournament with the score of 2:0.

Soon afterwards, the Awards Ceremony was held in the Beach Volleyball Venue. The leaders of the General Administration of Sport of China, Qingshan District Committee and Government attended the Awards Ceremony and granted the commendations and certificates to the prize-winning athletes. The champion team of this event accepted the interview of the media and said that Qingshan District Beach Volleyball Center was one of the venues with high-level standard configuration they had seen and it provided a good environment for their excellent performance. All the athletes of this event spoke highly of the construction and services of the venue; they not only achieved good results here, but also felt the considerate and thoughtful services. They hoped to have another opportunity to visit Qingshan, Wuhan in the future.

High-level Venue Configuration, Fierce Competition on the River Beach

Qingshan District Beach Volleyball Center is located at the beach within the sluice at No.8 Jianshe Road of Qingshan River Beach. The newly built venue covers an area of 2,167.18m2 and the usable area of the underground space is 1,704.2m2. It includes 1 standard court for international events, 4 training grounds of international standard and 1,116 seats. There are 20 parking spots for buses and 50 parking spots for cars within the venue, to meet the parking requirements for working vehicles during the 7th CWG. The standard competition court is located at the beach in the west end of the venue, covering an area of 3,390m2. The area of the beach court is 1,120m2, the short side of the venue is in the north-south direction. Both the size and direction of the venue meet the requirements of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) for beach volleyball courts used for international competitions.

Aiming at holding competitions in an economical manner while ensuring high-level competitions, the major structure of the competition venue in Qingshan District Beach Volleyball Center is a steel one. The enclosure parts can be dismantled after the event and changed into an aerial landscape corridor which won't block water. The stand is a removable and assembled type. Some of the function rooms are movable wooden houses and can be dismantled after the event, which will not affect the flood control of the beach. All the dismantled materials can be reused. This venue is really eco-environment friendly.

Cooperate With Warm River Beach to Create Harmonious Events

The 3-day Test Event was held smoothly under the coordination and guidance of the district leaders in the whole course, with the dedication and cooperation of the working staff in all the divisions and offices of the Competition Management Committee, as well as the assistance of the volunteers. The Hospitality Division did well in the reception of the leaders, technical officials, referees, athletes and coaches, etc. The venue servicers for the athletes followed up the athletes' state in the whole course, from their getting off the buses, taking part in the competitions to getting on the buses for returning. They gave priority to the athletes' needs and provided considerate services for athletes. The Competition Organization Division did well in the competition organization, result treatment and other services. The Catering Division ensured the timely dining of the athletes and working staff. The Media and Communication Division obtained the first-hand information in time to release the news of the event and improve communication; the Medical Support Division was always ready to treat medical emergencies in the venue. The security staff inspected the venue all day in all dimensions under the burning sun, creating a safe and stable environment for the event. More than 300 volunteers in green T-shirts were also beautiful scenery inside and outside the venue. With smile on face, they helped everyone to create a harmonious atmosphere, carried out various tasks in a calm and orderly way, and made contributions silently.

According to relevant person in charge of Qingshan Competition Management Committee for the Beach Volleyball for the 7th CWG, this Test Event was an examination for all the previous work. It aims to find out and solve any problems and risks during the Test Event and accumulate experience to provide reference for the success of the Beach Volleyball competition during the 7th CWG.

(Editor NIE Yang)