On August 30, the Men's Golf Test Event for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) & Hubei Amateur Golf Open Championships was held at Tianwaitian Golf Course.

More than 10 club teams and 110 golfers from Hubei Province participated in this one-day event. The technical officials and referees were assigned by China Golf Association. This competition was divided into men and women groups with the rule of one-round (18 holes) individual stroke play. The ranking was determined according to the total stokes in a round of all the participated golfers and the ranking of the less total stokes was better.

LI Youyang and NI Zixin, two specially invited children golfer from Wuhan at the age of 12 and 11 respectively, beat others with their excellent skills. NI Zixin won the champion of the women group and LI Youyang won the silver medal.

 "My mother asked me to participate in a golf summer camp in America, and then I fell in love with golf. I have won the champion in Buick Finals and the bronze medal in HSBC Hangzhou Match-play." LI Youyang said excitedly to the reporter.

In order to ensure the success of the competition, the Development Zone (Hannan District) of Wuhan spared no efforts to prepare for it by planning carefully and implementing orderly with the principle of "high-standard organization, all-around testing", and evaluated the overall operation effect jointly with all the departments of the Executive Commission, to verify and improve the competition level with the Test Event and ensure the success of the Men's Golf competition during the 7th CWG held in this October.

PENG Xunchao, Vice Chairman of the Men's Golf Competition Management Committee for the 7th CWG, indicated that culture and sports are the characteristics of the Development Zone of Wuhan. In addition to the industrial development, the Development Zone of Wuhan is the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies for the 7th CWG and 7 competitions will be held here.

Tianwaitian Golf Club has a 18-hole course of standard 72 strokes. It covers a total area of 1,300mu, with 500mu of water area and 800mu of fairway area.

It was learned that the competition standard, event experts, athletes and referee team of this Test Event reached the international standard. This event is a "practice test" for the facility and competition equipment in the venue, the competition organization and service, etc.

In recent years, the Development Zone of Wuhan has been promoting the development of city-industry integration and the sport industry. It has successively introduced and held Badminton Asia Championships, World Fly-In Expo, Thomas-Uber Cup World Badminton Championships, FINA Diving World Cup, Basketball World Cup and other events. With the focuses on various competitions, it aims to develop event economy and actively expands such emerging sports as racing and flying. The Development Zone of Wuhan was awarded the "National Demonstration Base of Sport Industry" at the National Sport Industry Base Working Conference, becoming the first zone with this title in Wuhan. (Correspondent: HU Shenbo)

(Editor NIE Yang)