The cost effectiveness principle is implemented to run the “first-class” event. In the run-up to the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), which will be opened on October 18 in Wuhan, there is no looseness for the requirements of laying equal stress on both splendidness and economy.

 “The style of hard work, plain living, being diligent and thrifty is not only the important guarantee for our development and growing stronger through the whole journey, but also the necessary assurance for us to keep going and make another splendid achievement.” During the two sessions this year, General Secretary XI Jinping again stressed the importance of insisting on the style of hard work, plain living, being diligent and thrifty when he attended a panel discussion of Inner Mongolia. He pointed out that no matter how far our country develops and people’s living standards improve, the philosophy of hard work, plain living, being diligent and thrifty shall never be lost.

The 7th CWG is one of the most important international sports events hosted by China after Beijing Olympic Games. The concept of cost effectiveness has been determined since the start of preparations in 2017. The principle of simplicity, enthusiasm and moderation has been upheld to prevent craving for things big and foreign, but idle and waste, completely eradicate repeated construction and excessive safeguard, and make great efforts to hold a simple but wonderful grand event.

Newly built venues account for less than 40% and all venues can be used sustainably after the event

Whether the venues can be fully and reasonably used after the events is a common problem for large-scale comprehensive games due to the large investment in the venues. If the venues are idle with a low utilization, it will create a lot of waste.

There are 35 venue and facilities construction projects in total for the 7th CWG, including 13 newly built venues, 17 renovated venues and 5 temporary facilities. It has been determined that most of the venues will be open to the public or used for teaching and training students after the event, giving full expression to the requirements of “appropriate construction, eco-friendliness, cost effectiveness and post-Games utilization”.

As the approaching of the 7th CWG, LOU Luchen, a member of Dongxihu District Swimming Association in Wuhan City, is very happy because there is a new modern stadium near his home. LOU Luchen said people had to go to the swimming pools in other districts far away or swim in Han River in the past. The newly built Five Rings Sports Center in Dongxihu District will be used for the competition of Track & Field, Lifesaving and Table Tennis, and citizens can come here for swimming or other sports after the vent.

In fact, the Five Rings Sports Center Stadium has come into service in March this year. As the home field of Wuhan Zall Football Club, one of the teams of Chinese Football Association Super League, it becomes a sea of happiness for fans every match day.

As a new district with rapid development and population aggregation in Wuhan, Dongxihu District is inhabited by about 600,000 people. But there was not a modern sports venue in the past, and the stadiums in several schools cannot meet the demands of large-scale activities, sports events and artistic performances.

Most of the 13 newly built venues are located in the areas with high demand for national fitness and relatively few sports facilities. They can meet the needs of the 7th CWG and will be used for post-event national fitness. In addition, there are 17 renovated venues based on the existing facilities, most of which are in the colleges and universities in Wuhan. They will be used for teaching, training, and holding sports events and large activities after the event.

The venues for Road Cycling, Marathon, Triathlon and other two competitions are temporary facilities. There are 30 buildings, including more than 2,000 apartments for athletes and staff in the Athletes’ Village which was built in an intensive manner for the first time in the history of CWG. It is a commercial housing development project and will be sold to the public after the event.

HU Sheng, “the most beautiful volunteer in Hubei Province” who is 72 years old and lives in Qingshan, introduced the Qingshan District Beach Volleyball Center to a group of foreign reporters who visited Wuhan two months ago. The main steel structure of this center will become an open aerial landscape corridor after the event. The stand is assembled, the function rooms are movable, and all of them can be dismantled for reuse after the event. These clever designs made the reporters marveled.

WANG Shenshun, Deputy Secretary General of Wuhan Executive Commission, said the balanced distribution of venues and facilities in each district was fully considered in the early planning with the main target of meeting the needs of national fitness, which laid the foundation for the post-event comprehensive utilization of the venues.

It is learned that Wuhan Academy of Social Sciences has established a research group to study the sustainable use of venues after the 7th CWG. It has planned such purposes as sports competition, national fitness, cultural exhibition, leisure and entertainment, tourism development, professional training, research teaching and national defense education.

Use portable houses as temporary offices and give priority to facilities rental

As introduced by the head of the Finance Department of Wuhan Executive Commission, the budget management of the 7th CWG implements the concept of “green, shared, open and honest” and the pattern of “government leadership, support from all parties, social participation and market-based operation”, and makes strict control from such aspects as idea guidance, budget control, demand orientation and institutional constraint, to host the event economically.

Expanding corporate sponsorship also saves a big part of the investment. The market development scale for the 7th CWG far exceeds the sum of market development of all previous CWG.

How can the money be spent in a thrifty and clear way? The Executive Commission has established a complete set of financial regulations. Each department shall monthly submit the fund plan for the next month and receive a quarterly internal audit that mainly checks the potential institutional risks in such links as funds management, materials purchasing and contract management to standardize the fund use process. The outsourcing service projects must be approved by the meeting of the leading Party group before the purchasing process.

Under the rigid constraints of the institutions, each department of the Executive Commission actively cut down the expenses.

“Welcome to visit my new office.” JU Binbin, CISM Volunteer Ambassador, shared an update into WeChat Moments, showing her working place, a portable house which can be commonly seen on the construction site.

JU Binbin, as an enterprise senior manager, said the two-storey portable house with 78 small rooms is one of the office buildings for Wuhan Executive Commission. It can contain more than 300 staff and volunteers. After the 7th CWG, the portable houses will be moved to the construction site for reuse.

“Don’t rent what can be borrowed and don’t buy what can be rented.” This is the consensus for preparing the 7th CWG. It has become a general practice to borrow props and rent equipment under the premise of ensuring the demand of the competition and not lowering the level of preparation. All the tables, chairs, lockers and charging equipment in the media service area of the Press Center in the Athletes’ Village are rented with the cost of about RMB 50,000, but they can cost at least RMB 200,000 or 300,000 if buy them.

“Host the 7th CWG in the short term and benefit the people in the long term” -- Citizens enjoy the post-event benefits

“Host the event with the principle of cost effectiveness, strictly control the scale and reduce the expenses, and above all, benefit the people through hosting the event.” The relevant person in charge of Wuhan Executive Commission introduced the limited resources and funds for the 7th CWG would be invested in the projects benefiting the people, and these investments must be well and fully used.

The average price of tickets for the 7th CWG is RMB50, which can meet the common people’s demand of watching the games.

When determining the ticket prices, on the basis that the prices are lower than that of the Olympic Games, the Asian Games and the National Games, Wuhan Executive Commission also set a group ticket of RMB10 for army officers and soldiers as well as students.

The whole ticketing process for the 7th CWG from ticket design, production, sales to the Call Center is sponsored by a professional ticketing platform in China. “This saves the expenses and improves the service quality,” said the relevant person in charge.

At present, the sales of tickets for the 7th CWG has been started, mainly through online sales with lower cost. All the offline sales are entrusted to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and, and “there is no need to set up physical stores for selling the tickets”.

In addition to benefiting the people by hosting the event, Wuhan City also combines “Running the Event” with “Building the City”, and the increasingly civilized, harmonious, intelligent and clean city environment benefits all citizens. The reconstruction of the cycling track creates a better environment for the people to walk and cycle on the East Lake Greenway. The construction of the Athletes’ Village makes Huangjia Lake area bid farewell to the condition of inconvenient transportation and flood during the rainy days. Many roads and key rivers in the city have been renovated systematically, a lot of outdoor billboards have been dismantled to clear the skyline and the overall urban function and quality of Wuhan has been obviously improved.

The head of Wuhan Executive Commission said that full guarantee and strict budgeting for the 7th CWG will be realized by controlling the scale of large activities and planning the post-event utilization of the venues as a whole on the principle of “hosting the 7th CWG in the short term and benefiting the people in the long term”. The event will be hosted warmly, wonderfully and successfully under the premise of cost effectiveness, to make the masses have more sense of gain and happiness in the process of hosting the event. (Reporter: WAN Ling)

(Editor NIE Yang)