From the Chinese Super League at the night of September 15 to the National Track & Field Elite Event & Track & Field Test Event for the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) at the night of September 17, Wuhan Airport Economic Development Zone (Airport Zone) operated without a break for entire two days.

Within these 48 hours, Airport Zone reacted with efficiency and coordinated all relevant parties to treat each test event as the real ones and finished both events successfully.

In the final stage of preparing for the 7th CWG, Airport Zone will continue to improve its weak links in practice and conduct full-process test of sports programs to test its operation, improve teamwork, and examine venue functions, competition equipment and competition organization, in order to be fully prepared for the official event.

High-standard Organization, All-around Testing

Track & Field Test Event for the 7th CISM Military World Games Successfully Held

Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center Embraces the Test Event

“I once participated in the Track & Field Test Event for the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and this Test Event for the 7th CWG is just as good.” In the night of September 17, the 2019 National Track & Field Elite Event & the Track & Field Test Event for the 7th CWG was held in Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center. In the press conference after the Event, YU Shisuo, winner of Men’s High Jump, spoke highly of this Test Event.

It is said that this Event is hosted by the Executive Commission of the 7th CWG and the Chinese Athletics Association and is organized by the Track & Field Competition Management Committee of the 7th CWG. Tested sports include 7 Track Events, i.e. Men’s 100m, Men’s 200m, Men’s 400m, Women’s 100m, Women’s 200m, Men’s Wheelchair Racing 100m and Men’s Wheelchair Racing 400m, and 5 Field Events, i.e. Women’s Triple Jump, Women's Discus, Men’s High Jump, Men’s Long Jump and Men’s Shot Put, which attracted 52 athletes nationwide to participate.

To ensure a successful running of the Games, Airport Zone, working with departments of the Executive Commission of the 7th CWG, conducted tests that cover all elements, process and procedures to examine all working plans, processes and emergency plans, test and improve the level of Games. More than 440 youth volunteers from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and South-Central University for Nationalities served the entire Test Event.

After the Test Event that night, YANG Yang, winner of Men’s 100m said during an interview that the facilities and equipment of this venue really impressed him. There was adequate water supply at the exit of athletes and the services were very thoughtful. Traffic from the hotel to the venue was also very convenient.

LIU Xiaoyang, Assistant to the Games-time General Supervisor of the Test Event said, this Test Event was fully prepared and ran successfully, fully examining the operation of the venue, timing and scoring and equipment & devices.

Personnel in charge of Airport Zone said that, this Test Event, following the general principle of “High-standard Organization, All-around Testing”, aims to examine the preparation of Track & Field events in general and provide references for the official Track & Field Events of the 7th CWG by summarizing experience, discovering issues, practicing teamwork and making relevant improvements.

Functional Departments of Airport Zone Actively Rehearsed

First Response to Emergencies

More than 440 volunteers served on-site

During the Track Event that night, an athlete got a sprain, but still walked to the finishing line. Medical staff from Wuhan No. 1 Hospital waited at the finishing line and carried the injured athlete with a stretcher for medical care.

Outside the venue, Dongxihu District Health Bureau set up 24h Duty Rooms at the hotel of athletes, which worked effectively with the medical vehicle consisting of 12 medical personnel from Wuhan No. 1 Hospital inside the Five Rings Sports Center.

During the Test Event, functional departments of Airport Zone were fully prepared to ensure a smooth running of the Event.

This Test Event was attended by 121 technical officials, 88 athletes and over 440 university volunteers, which made traffic control rather complicated. Dongxihu District Traffic and Transportation Bureau (Traffic and Transportation Bureau) organized special shifts and formulated thorough plans for vehicle operation based on the precise timetable of vehicles gathered from route rehearsal. “We rehearsed before the Test Event. It takes 5 minutes from the warm-up area to the venue. Therefore we’d notice immediately if the time is delayed, even for one minute during the official pick-up, and we will find out why.” LI Xuefeng, Supervisor of the Special Shifts of Dongxihu District Traffic and Transportation Bureau.

At 7:30 am of the Test Event, 45 personnel of the Special Shifts were divided into 6 groups and sent to the hotel, warm-up area, Five Rings Sports Center, and dining area. 10 passenger cars and 15 buses were used to transport the personnel of the Test Event.

At 8:30 pm when the Test Event was finished, Traffic and Transportation Bureau arranged 4 backup vehicles in advance to deal with emergencies and at 11:00 pm that day, all personnel of the Test Event went back to hotels or campuses. The traffic control finished with satisfaction.

To ensure stable water supply for the Test Event, Dongxihu Water Supply Company established the Water Supply Leading Group, formulated special emergency plan for pipeline repair and set up special department for emergency repair, supervision, emergency water supply and water quality monitoring. Dongxihu District Public Security Bureau dispatched 260 police officers and 200 security guards to maintain order of the venue. Departments worked with effectiveness and ensured a successful running of the Test Event.

Venue Arrangement and Cleaning Unfolded like “Zipper”

Provider of site equipment once served the Olympics

During the 48 hours before the Test Event, Five Rings Sports Center was holding another competition. At the night of September 15, Chinese Super League was in full swing. Outside the football field, the atmosphere was also intense. Four first-tier partners of Chinese Super League and staff of the venue investor, Wuhan Airport Investment Group Limited (“Airport Investment”) stood by the side, waiting for the finishing whistle to clean the venue.

They needed to transform the competition field of Chinese Super League into professional venue for Track & Field Test Event in a night.

At 10:00 pm that night, 50 cleaning personnel came inside the competition area to remove the LED screen, broadcasting equipment and reserve seats of athletes in an orderly manner. Grouped by two, the cleaning personnel carried outside the background plates and advertisement boards. The turf in the field, due to its large volume and weight, was removed by 2 electric forklifts and 4 manual hydraulic forklifts.

After all materials were moved away, cleaners conducted thorough washing of the area. At 3:00 am on September 16, first stage of preparation was finished.

However, 3 hours later, there’d be another “zipper-like” battle - thorough cleaning of the site and installation of competition equipment like starting block, discus protection fence and timing & scoring system. Both cleaning and installation groups cooperated closely with efficiency.

As the LED screen arranged for the Chinese Super League has stood there for 6 months, the track lanes were covered with much dirt, which were the primary spots for cleaning. Fine sands, if left on the lane, would impose great impact on the score of competitors. Therefore, the staff at the site used pressure water gun to wash it repeatedly and the flap wheel to repeatedly absorb the water so as to ensure the cleanness of the lane.

According to the Personnel in charge of Airport Investment, such works have been planned few weeks before and practiced every 3 days to achieve such proficiency.

At the site, we noticed that the equipment of the Test Event was very advanced. Speaker system was installed on the starting block to ensure that all athletes of Track Event could hear the gunshot at the same time and the electronic timing & scoring system realized figure capture at the speed of 1/2,000 second to ensure fairness and precision.

It’s learnt that provider of site equipment of the Test Event once served the Olympics, the Asian Games and National University Games.

(Editor NIE Yang)