On September 21, the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) held its first full-scale simulated games-time drill. All the working staff dressed in blue uniform. Many people set their work photos in blue uniform as WeChat profile photo, which quickly caused resonance in WeChat Moments.

The uniforms of the 7th CWG took seven months to design and were released in May this year, incorporating the national spirit, Jing-chu culture and city characteristics. In terms of color selection, the uniform color for the working staff is blue, the technical official is red, and the games-time volunteer is green. Among them, the color blue comes from the ground color of Wuhan’s rivers and lakes, implying calm, stability and peace, and representing the working style of the high-spirited staff.

GUI Yuchen and her colleagues of the Competition Department put on their blue uniforms, and took a group photo in front of the Executive Commission hall before work, then shared the photo to Moments and left a message of “Vibrant Blue CWG Staff”. ZHU Jing of the General Affairs Department dressed in blue uniform, took four photos, shared them on Moments and wrote, “Advertise the CWG uniform: ignoring my wrinkled face, I look like I’m 18 years old” with a smile face.

The head of the Human Resources Department of the Wuhan Executive Commission said that uniforms of the 7th CWG are targeted at three groups: working staff, technical officials and games-time volunteers. The core categories such as coats, long-sleeve T-shirts and short-sleeve T-shirts adopt the color matching principle of “one style, different colors”, giving colors to emotion. The other categories (pants, shoes, hats and bags) are all equipped with light colors. Not only can the color of different groups be identified, but also the non-core categories can be used as far as possible. On the basis of ensuring the use of uniforms, the efficiency of production, distribution and exchange can be improved.

Working staff dressed in blue uniform   Photo by Li Wei

It is said that the fresh and bright blue boasts rich Jing-chu culture connotation. The tianlie texture in the lower half of the blue coat is based on the pattern of cultural relics unearthed in Jingzhou, Hubei Province. It is the weaving pattern of Jing-chu culture in the Warring States Period (475 B.C-221 B.C), the representative of China’s long costume culture and the source of Chinese pattern to show the military theme.

The tianlie texture is not only applied to the blue uniform, but also to the red uniform. The uniform color of games-time volunteers is green. The uniform design adopts the combination of “tianlie texture” and “camouflage pattern”. It learns from the traditional culture, and adds Wuhan’s cultural elements and fashionable elements popular among the current youth. It carries out the design concept of ancient-modern integration and civil-military integration to convey the confidence of Chinese culture in the new era. (Reporter WAN Jianhui Correspondent LIU Dayu)

(Editor NIE Yang)