The 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) will kick off in Wuhan on October 18. To further boost the morale of volunteers, enhance their confidence and encourage them to overcome difficulties tenaciously so that they could successfully carry out the voluntary work during the Games, the oath-taking rally of volunteers was held in Hongshan Auditorium on the afternoon of September 30.

WANG Yanling, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and Director of Provincial Publicity Department, and GUO Jianzhong, Vice President and Secretary General of Executive Commission and Director of the Headquarters (Military), attended the event. The rally was presided over by ZHANG Shihua, Vice President of Executive Commission, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee and Director of Publicity Department.

On the oath-taking rally, SONG Fajun, representative of units that sent out volunteers, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee and Vice Principal of South-Central University for Nationalities, PENG Xunchao, representative of units that would use volunteers, Deputy Director of Administrative Committee of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Deputy Commander of 7th CWG District-level Urban Operation Command, and YU Hewei, representative of volunteers and volunteer from Naval University of Engineering gave speeches. Led by CISM Volunteer Ambassadors including GAO Donglei, ZHU Hongjun, LIU Yujie, JIANG Yongjun, WANG Jingjing, HAN Qiaosheng, JU Binbin, ZHANG Long, WU Miao, CHEN Chen, YU Xi, HU Aidi, LIU Huixia and LONG Jingyi, all volunteers took the solemn oath, which showed the strong confidence and determination of 26,000 games-time volunteers and 210,000 urban volunteers to spare no efforts to serve the 7th CWG.

As WANG Yanling said, the bugle for voluntary service is sounding calls to charge and she hoped all volunteers could keep up their morale, be actively devoted to voluntary service, stick to their original inspiration in contribution, fulfill their responsibility, display a positive self-image and improve themselves in providing service, do as the theme song of CISM volunteers goes, manifest their youth, dreams, wisdom and diligence, and spare no efforts in creating a glorious history of volunteers in the new era.

The online platform of CWG Connection “Volunteers Home” was officially launched on the oath-taking rally. As a pioneering approach of information management of volunteers for various events, the platform aims to manage, dispatch and secure games-time volunteers through information and big data in a highly efficient and scientific manner.

At the end of the rally, all of those who were present chorused My Motherland and Me to salute the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and express their love for the motherland.

More than 1,000 people attended the oath-taking rally, including comrades in charge of Executive Commission and relevant departments at provincial and municipal level, specific leaders and comrades in charge of Youth League work of schools that sent out volunteers, CISM Volunteer Ambassadors, representatives of CISM volunteers and reporters. (Photographer: YU Zhiyong)

(Editor NIE Yang)