On October 8, with ten days to go before the opening ceremony of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), the International Broadcast Center (IBC) for the 7th CWG is run officially, which will provide professional TV & broadcasting services for foreign and domestic Rights-Holding Broadcasters (RHB) during the Games.

Located on the third and fourth floors of the Main Media Center (MMC) in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, IBC covers an area of about 21,000 square meters and consists of Contribution, Distribution and Transmission (CDT), Process Quality Control (PQC), Broadcast Operation Center (BOC), International Signal Collection and Script Supervising Archive (ARCHIVE), Daily Highlights Editing Center, Dubbing Room, Host Broadcaster Office and storages. Besides, there is also a comprehensive support service zone across MMC, which covers an area of 6,000 square meters and has satellite trucks, back-up broadcasting vehicles, and emergency transport team, etc. During the 7th CWG, IBC will be the frontline production center of CCTV and base camp for broadcasters such as Phoenix TV, Hubei TV and Wuhan TV, etc.

Since the 7th CWG is an international large-scale comprehensive event held in China after the 2008 Olympic Games, IBC for the 7th CWG has been designed and constructed according to the highest international standards. The arc-shaped TV screen in CDT on the third floor of IBC is bursting with live signals from over 30 venues as well as images from cameras shooting the top five Wuhan sceneries specially selected by the Host Broadcaster. During the 7th CWG, there will be over 200 pathways for broadcasting signals which will be distributed around the world by satellite, fiber optic cable and new online media, etc.

The currently most cutting-edge broadcasting technologies will be applied during the 7th CWG: the giant screen on the first floor will display the broadcasting signals of the opening & closing ceremonies, Track & Field and Naval Pentathlon, which are produced by 4k broadcasting system; the New-tech Presentation Room on the third floor will display some 4k and VR signals transmitted by 5G technology and the 8k effect of swimming; besides, apart from providing standard contents for RHB, the Host Broadcaster introduces cutting-edge technologies such as cloud mass memory, facial-recognition and speech-recognition to help broadcasters search materials rapidly.

The two Remote Production Guidance & Control Centers on the third floor will respectively produce broadcasting signals for Naval Pentathlon and Badminton. Different from traditional production ways, the director team of the two events will stay in IBC and control all cameras as well as frontline production staff in NCO academies of the army and Wuhan University through fiber optic cables and remote calls, after which the director team will switch and synthesize signals from every pathway to synchronize sound and image. As the remote production technology is further popularized, the remote-control crossing continents can be realized.

(Editor NIE Yang)