The 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG), one of the most important international sports events held by China, will inaugurate on October 18, 2019.

Wuhan, the host city, has committed and is ready to present a splendid gala of gorgeous brilliance.

As one of the central cities of China with great landscapes, great people and great culture, Wuhan has switched to the 'Games time' and is seizing the opportunities to pump up its high-quality development.

It is 10 days to go to the Games, together with hundreds of thousands of guests from both home and abroad.

Wuhan has been ready.


35 high-standard venues

In a short period of two years, all the 35 venues have been completed or renovated, passed the completion acceptance and verified in test events.

Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center is the largest new venue and one of main venues for the 7th CWG, the Track & Field, Table Tennis and Lifesaving competitions will be held in it. The giant structure includes a stadium of 30,000 seats, a gymnasium of 8,000 seats and a natatorium of 1,000 seats. The stadium houses a 7,800-m2 standard football pitch, and is equipped with 1/2,000s image capture electronic scoreboard to ensure fair play. Digital indoor 4G+5G base stations and B/F outdoor 5G base stations put the entire complex in both 4G and 5G coverage.

It will be the first time to hold all sports in one city. The Athletes’ Village has been built in line with the standards for large events. The village features Chinese and local elements such as waterscapes, walls, tiles and courtyards. Inspired by traditional Chinese fans, five gardens are built and respectively themed Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum and Lotus. Modern elements also shine. The idea of Sponge City is adopted and smart operation & management platform system applied. Commenced in March 2017 and completed in April 2019, the village will be officially opened to athletes on October 11. It takes 40 minutes on average to ride to each of the venues. During the Games, the Athletes’ Village, as the shared home of all the missions from more than 100 countries/regions, will provide the lodgers with warm hospitality covering catering, accommodation, culture, commerce, property management, security and medical services.

Aeronautical Pentathlon competitions will be held in Air Force Early Warning Academy Cluster. Specifically, 10m Air Pistol will be staged in the Shooting Venue, Swimming, Fencing and Basketball in Xuelian Gymnasium, and Obstacle Race in the Stadium. All the venues are designed in line with the Aeronautical Pentathlon Competition Manual. After the Games, the venues will be used by the Academy for teaching and training purposes.


Nearly 230,000 volunteers in position

As the Smart Shuishans, the volunteers are aspired to “Be Heroes behind the Glory” and showcase the vitality, confidence, intelligence and creativeness of Chinese young people in a new era.

Volunteer recruitment was commenced on March 20, 2019. To date, about 30,000 Games-time volunteers and 200,000 city volunteers are ready to serve the Games.

The size of the volunteer team is a mark of a city’s civilization. So far, Wuhan has registered over 1.45 million volunteers, i.e., there is a volunteer in every 8 local citizens.

After frequent rehearsals, the volunteer team has been well prepared with Games-support, code of conduct, courtesy awareness, commanding, job assignment and emergency treatment. For example, in the Opening Ceremony, athletes and hundreds of technical staff and referees need help to rapidly find their seats. Volunteers serving the ceremony must have a 'seat map' in their minds. CHEN Gu, the head of the opening/closing working group of Volunteers Management Center, promised that they would help to present the best ever ceremonies.


A new look of the city

Wuhan takes a new look every day.

A successful event is held in a successful city where people live with happiness and honor. Xinhua Road, a transport, pedestrian, service and landscape hub in a bustling business area, has taken shape and is known as a widely praised project that benefits the public.

Standing on the Yellow Crane Tower, visitors may be intoxicated by the busy Yangtze River that glitters in the Sun. Walking beside Huangjia Lake, they may be impressed by the Athletes’ Village shinning the traditional charm of China. Cruising along the Yangtze River, they may be enchanted by the amazing landscape dotted with CISM ornamentations.

In recent three years, Wuhan has made great efforts to renovate 1,300 km highways. 360,000 trees have been planted, 30,000 aged buildings renovated, and the city skyline beautified. Series of Games-related projects have brought benefits to the public and will benefit the city for generations.

Wuhan attaches equal importance to “Running the Event” and "Building the City," and has made great progresses in improving urban environment. 137 venues, hotels and transport hubs, 221 supporting roads and 20 demonstration areas have been built to help the overall improvement of urban environment. Transportation lines, ecological lines, skylines and cultural lines have been given shape to add more charms to the appealing city.

Wuhan, a city of China and of the world, is ready to embrace guests from the world in its most beautiful October.

Welcome to Wuhan.

(Editor NIE Yang)