Oct. 17 marked the one-day countdown to the 7th CISM World Military Games (CWG). On the morning, China's Ministry of National Defense held a press conference, briefing the general situation of the competition. It was revealed during the conference that Wuhan Games had broken two records.

A total of 9,308 athletes from 109 countries will compete in Wuhan, setting a record for the most athletes in the Games' 24-year history.

The Wuhan Games offer 25 competition and two demonstration sports. In all, 329 gold medals will be up for grabs and it sets another record for most gold medals in a single edition of the quadrennial Games.

On the evening of Oct. 18, the opening ceremony of the 7th CWG will be officially inaugurated at the Wuhan Sports Center (Details on Page 8). As well as the opening and closing ceremonies, events such as women's volleyball, swimming and diving will also be held at the Wuhan Sports Center.

67 World Champions

Among all the athletes, 67 have won championships in the Olympic Games, the World Championships and the World Cup, 118 were listed among the top 8 in various events at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, and 43 were previous champions in military-specific sporting events.

Largest Chinese Delegation

As the host, China has fielded a record-setting contingent of 553 servicemen and women in the Wuhan Games. Four-hundred-and-six Chinese athletes will compete in 26 sports. The only sport that China fields no one is golf.

In the previous outings since 1995, Team China finished runners-up on the medal tally four times and landed in third place twice in previous Games.

Throughout the previous Games, Russia has finished atop the medal tally five times while Brazil has finished on top once.

First-ever Athletes' Village in CISM History

The 7th CWG has created five historical "firsts": the first time that the Games have not been confined to the military bases; the first time that an Athletes' Village has been built for the Games; the first time that all competitions will be held in one city; the first time that 5G powered 8K TV and 5G powered VR system have operated; the first time that all-round volunteer service has been provided for all delegations.

Peace as Suggested by Wu

The first Chinese character, "武"of the city's name Wuhan, 武汉, can be broken down into two components, "止" (zhǐ), meaning "stop," and "戈" (gē), meaning "spear. " King Zhuang of Kingdom Chu put forward the idea of stopping violence with force 2, 500 years ago and the word Wu was used to represent this meaning.

(Reporter YAO Chuanlong, WANG Xue & LI Yong) [Editor NIE Yang]